Long Time No See

It was Friday…

sad with the loss of Bella Yao/姚貝娜.     I will remember, no matter how long have passed, you are still that passionate young lady who wants to get out of a hospital bed of the insatiable want to sing/还是昔日多情的少年.    Voice of an angel, sing on where there are no human pain and sufferings where…

…wings are leaves fallen in heaven.  RIP *pray*

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Honey Bee Man/ 我爱男闺蜜

Got to give a drama ALL the brownie points with a cute justification of why our guy need the fugly perm pompadour fungus infesting his head these days.

我爱男闺蜜 is literally I Love My GuyBFF.  for once I think the  English title is quite creative. 闺蜜 is a short for  闺中密友/our girlfriends/bffs where 密(close) is cutely replaced by the homophone 蜜 (honey) upping the sweetness of the nick.  We ladies do add another list of chores for GuyBFF to work harder to earn that intimacy, coining them honey bees seems even more fantastic.

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