All you need to know about Shen An of Hua Xu Yin

If you are a fan of Hua Xu Yin the novel but haven’t read what Tangqigongzi wrote a long weibo dissection on clearly one of her most special character she has created: Shen An in Hua Xu Yin, you really need to.

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Yuan Hong Has Arrived…

…at Beijing, for the premiere of his first movie work.  He has also ARRIVED to mainstream fame, that is, according to the cool redbeanies.  And nope, it is not snatching a bona fide runaway box office/rating hit, one where he is majorly responsible and is praised every way deservingly so, nor I think he earned an obscenely huge paycheck for anything to boot.  But he has made his name earning an unique tagline of #袁弘滚出娱乐圈# ie #so and so get out of showbiz!#: the viral tag usually reserved for yuma and his associates like YuanShanShan, Zhao LiYing, Michelle Chen…the likes, but now my Loverboy calls dibs in that notorious league and it has nothing to do with yuma!  Hip Hip Hooray!?!

I swear I love the red beans aka YH’s fans more than Loverboy himself.  Or I should put it mildly if not for them, with my attention span of a goldfish, I could not have stayed on this crazy bandwagon.

It all begins with his very first stint in a movie EVER:  Chilling Cosplay/制服 had its premiere last night.

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A bloom, falling off the branch, its vibrancy will fade, but it is not an object void of attachments.  It will transform into fertile soil of spring, nourishing, nurturing new growths.

Our little Red Flower doesn’t fall far from his Tree.  This is a quote of a well-known poem YH’s Mom used as her description at weibo.  Circle of life, of a bloom separated, nourishing the mother tree, and all tying to Loverboy’s nick: little red flower, and all the waxing poetic on soil and growth and bloom rounded up nicely in a tweet Loverboy did yesterday (later on that).  It is brilliant and adorable and moving me to tears.  I’m pulling a very serious big sis face: all you single ladies out there, work on it, grab this dude, not just he’s perfection himself,  a bit more security on a smoother MiL conundrum is always nice.

This is just another regular day where the sun rises and our little red flower blooms.

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Absence makes the HongShi

Just as I'm taking a break from work stuff, I lurked at beloved weibo, and *sigghhhhh* HongShi, why so cute?!?!

So it's Nicky's birthday!  Happy Birthday our Prince4!  Either it's a sheer coincidence or they've coordinated wavelength on top of their coord. outfits and handwarmers and eyewear…etcetcetc, they posted their weibo greetings AT THE EXACT SECOND!! (and I'm just 10 sec short to be present under the exact same moon to swoooooonnnnn)

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A big everything goes, mostly a big lump of gooey love fr me! MUAK

Where did this wk go?!  Seriously!!! But really it is F.R.I.D.A.Y.  It’s not a complaint,  I scare myself when I can’t recollect what booboos I’ve done in life for DAYS.

I babble all messily, esp here when I feel I’m in 4D, talking to myself juxtaposed by time much more consciously than other medium, a time traveling.  I’m still groggy.  I’ve just told my boss sth to the effect the most smashing date rape drug targeting me is Benadryl/Claritin/any antihistamines, and I pulled my MOST cognizant face.  Boss patted my shoulder with a fatherly care/concern and wisely walked away.

So… I’m not a good water cooler conversing buddy for my own sake this afternoon.  I usu do try to thread coherent thoughts when it’s written down for all to see (honest).  This afternoon though, I’m hecking it and I’ve just wandered off to my beloved weibo, uploaded bunch of pix to my photobucket and here we go, care for a ride?! I have purrtttyyy PICTURES! XDDDD  I just wanna see how ridiculous a post I can make it.

I had no substantiating food in tummy.  Starving, munching a muffin, 20 oz of 4 shots of espresso and here I am. my thoughts bouncing off where else but my studmuffins?!

My binnie, I’ve abstained fr thee, ma love for the Holy month!!  HOW I MISSEDDD YOU!!

I’ll try to stay my most positive fangirl self because the sight of your long long lonnnnnggggg legs in your Marine outfit is bringing out my happy chipmunk voice!  I hope u r ok with Marines allocating u to do PR (as if u haven’t been doing a yr’s worth last month) instead of real army stuff, because this still looks amazingly challenging physically even if it’s for a photo op. *hughughug*

I love you so very much, lazylazy me even did a collage for you (of a collection of awesome fanart I grabbed/stole). I still dunno how to resize stuff when posting in LJ, THAT lazy. 😉

Late Autumn will be showing at the Taipei Film Festival in Jun/Jul.  When clicking into its webby, I’m annoyed of the pimping of both ManChu and SHK’s Camellia in the same breath and linked by one hugeass headline of their love affairs.  I’ve lost respect of TPFF just like that. *pfffff*

These OTOH, make me VERY happy 🙂
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Loverboy is screaming at me for a HUGE silly shippery post XD

It’s not like I’m shameless (ok I fess up I’m) and love minding business of no concern of mine (Really I swear I have no shipper bone in me).  But constant dropping breaks a stone.  I’m the stone, Yuan Hong and Liu ShiShi are clearly the cutest droplets to come flirting and winking at each other in front of the world in Weibo.

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C drama Ijimae, weibo novellas … more Yuan Hong fangirling

The C Ijimae is out, TengRen made a big splash with it airing its first episode in a Cinema.  Critics r raving it’s as stunning as a movie visually.

Here is the ending song MV, with LOTS of OTP goodness.  LSS has really stepped up and doing layers now.  Wallace Huo is also the hottest most angsty I’ve seen him:

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They are at it AGAIN!

As a rule, I do not ship drama couples in RL. But YH+ LSS has a RL fandom that keeps track of their couple’s outfit and frankly I’ve lost count.   This is their new white tee+black graphic number.  NOT subtle AT all… esp when YH tweeted they ‘The Three White’  are backstage waiting for the presscon to begin.  He’s even blatantly drawing our attention to their white tees.

Ahhhh, it’s therapeutically fun being a YH fangirl.  :))))))))

Strongest Bromance: Hu Ge/ Yuan Hong

This is just for my fun.   I love glorious manlove more than anything. If we’ve watched our healthy dose of wuxia, we would have heard enough reincarnations of  ‘Xiong Di!’ uttered between blood brothers in any high octane bromance-licious scene.  In one of my fav scenes fr LoCH08 :

Jing GeGe is moved to near tears hearing his KangDi saying the magic words for the first time:

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