Anticipated Upcoming 2016 C Dramas

The drill is the more I want, the more I jinx.  Let me try my luck this year and keep tabs.

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合吾! on Longmen Express

[all pictures and gifs from baidu longmen express bar]

Have an MV:  Longmen Express – O Death or a trailer in Japanese

Cool, huh?!  The drama is nothing like it lol, except for some fleeting moments it’s roasting itself and every wuxia/period dramas.   Continue reading “合吾! on Longmen Express”


Of ALL interesting things I was going to do tonite: rewatching bits of YoungYangClan, LoCH, kill some backlog of WR, Salaryman, doramas…and most imptly in fear of being disowned, finally start reading Yun Zhong Ge, I rewatched InTimeWithYou. *KILLLLLL MEEEE*

This is the last night of my BiL and SiL's visit and it'll be a sin to not be filial and spend quality time with them.  My hubs got the Jerk prize of the night when convo went on a tangent on childhood idols.  His bro's was Vivian Chow and the dumbo HAS to tell him we dl'd a TW drama starring a younger Vivian Chow being an aggressive cutie, singing her most popular mandarin song Scandal.  I burnt a hole on him with my deathglare.

I can't help but be a tad rude and surf the webby for treasures while rolling my eyes to blindness, luckily I found many sparkling pretty things to share!