Friday Pretty: On the Set of Princess JieYou

I had my expectation in check, I thought, which was quite low tbvh because the Miss writer 徐伊亮 attached is of BuBuJingQing’s fame *CRIES* and even if that was an anomaly, none of her past works look worthy.  PD 路阳 is promising, and the producers are very solid, the studio behind, 中央新闻纪录电影制片厂(Central Studio of News Reels Production)is the most legit documentary producers in CN established since 1953, but writing is definitely what makes or breaks a drama, gorgeous crap is still….crap.   I am going to watch it, of course, beggars can’t be choosers, what YH drama (there are dozen+ of them) that has been done for years and counting was out in the 7 whole months of 2014 so far?!?!?!?!  NONE.


This looks so insanely gorgeous for scenery p0rn alone and these are just grabs from weibo, every single one is wallie quality no tweaking necessary.  Being just a few hours north of Beijing, I am very tempted to visit 多伦草原/Duolun in inner Mongolia next time I am in the vicinity.

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(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

Loverboy has been on quite honorable good boy behavior like a properly raised role model of his motherland last week.  The tragedy and his thoughts with the quake victims must be weighing in.  But that can’t last long, not when he’s around one of his (godzillion) soulmates e.g. BL chum Ray Ma, who is also a fellow social butterfly and a gd buddy with YeQing.  Ma posted the pics he took with both Loverboy and Miss Ye, commenting Loverboy has an enchanting lure (normally describing a breathtaking lady) and Ye is the most manly out of them 3.  Loverboy replied, ‘Who will you pick *a guy as enchanting as a beautiful woman or a lady manlier than 2 dudes* ?  Say it!’  Typical smartassery of my Loverboy.

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