Discovery of Love 9

The folks who have been annoying me all along are beyond my threshold this epi, I got so batshxtcray I wanna stab at my own ARM just to take out the frustration even when I can see where it is coming from (that is different from understanding).  The saving grace is everyone else I care very much about namely YR, TH, Sol, JH and Hyung are staying awesome and lovely if not more!  Lets grab them and runaway on our own joyride.   This drama is owning me, flipping me on this emotional roller coaster ride every episode through the entire spectrum of feelings.

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Discovery of Love 8


I have calmed down.  I have my favorite Eric gifs on my other gadget whenever i feel like popping a vein, for ohming, (not licking, i swear). I will not be a swearing ahjumma every other word i type, i swear for the last time in certain scenes.   My pride will not allow it . As Eric says in SWOON. Ohmmmmmmmmmmmm.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-18-09_zps2777c88b.jpg

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Discovery of Love 7


I was shaking my head, totally making myself rolling my eyes at your TH being an entitled jerk on whatever sky falling on YR and she will be back to you blablabla.   I am trying to talk some sense into myself you are not really THAT irresistible.

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Discovery of Love 6


At the back of my silly mind I was asking for best angsty thinghitfan ever for Eric and YooMi, give them a good iceberg, shake their OTP boat to the core in some perfect storm…so much faith in them yanking me through another emotional ride so unexpectedly intense.  Humor us, surprise us, most of us are hardcore stalwart of this unsinkable ship.


Plot THICKENS.  I got more than I ask in one short episode with many min of giggly old silly bromantic almost kissy karaoke to begin and now I am lost at the end.

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Discovery of Love 4

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE04140826HDTVX264720p-BarosG14-16-23_zps995c641e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE04140826HDTVX264720p-BarosG14-20-08_zps7b8b420f.jpg

Other than MNIKSS, how come I rem Once in a Blue Mo(on) jazzbar in every kdrama fluff I saw, I am not delusional right?!   And I am drawing blanks.   Was it the usual suspects WUF, QSS again?!

It is such a coincidence really watching this episode and being very overworked myself. 

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Discovery of LOVE ep2

‘TIS LOVE!  !  !  !  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric, YooMi and Sung Joon are emoting and my kdrama world is well again.  If I can, I will quantify every nuance they make me flip a heartbeat into droplets of condensed rainbow colored fairy dusts.  I need to savor every one of them. HMMMMTASTY!!!

I tried to be PG with this post, but gave up trying over some coffee he is having a few minutes in. Prudes,  BE WARNED.  I mean look .  Gutter is a very happy and crowded place where I (and a lot of you, be honest) belong.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE02140819HDTVXViD-iPOPavi_000085418_zps1264e0da.jpg

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