Friday Pretty Post

My bleeding heart, I will forever remember that young teenager with bright determined eyes on the bench of Real Madrid

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Yuan Hong May/June Updates

If you haven’t done your Yuan Hong fangirl duties last month, shame on you, and I did not withhold precious information just because I am selfish.

But rather, should anyone post a dozen nikkid torso of Loverboy?!  Well, there is always a purpose for me in this world.   XD

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On My List: Upcoming Fluffy Chinese Periods

Mulan is FINALLY getting a possible air date ‘soon’.  Soon *just read a news article it’ll be June*.  At least we have a cable channel attached and leaking out a proper trailer.  I’m taking it with a sea of salt since I’ve seen loverboy’s drama Ad Mania to air 2 eps and then evaporated from the face of the earth for no reason WHATSOEVER, STILL.  So unless there are full episodes by the truckload leaked out on the interweb, I’ll keep my squealing at a controllable level.  Somewhat.

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2013 Loverboy Style

I’ve been a cyberstalking fangirl of Loverboy long enough to know he will definitely be causing guffawing cheers at weibo comes any big day.  2013.1.1 is not gonna sneak by without him ringing in the new year with the top tweets of the day there.

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Bosco, Ray Ma, Ruby Lin AND YUAN HONG

ALL in one period drama, and Loverboy is already looking ridiculously gorgeous, he’s born to be in every and ALL periods.

Seriously who rocks the combo of period robes and froufrou embroidery and a down jacket fashioned into a harmonious capelet like him?!

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