First Taste of Fall In Love With You Again/转身说爱你

This is unexpected.

I liked it.  Genuinely, not fangirl-biasedly.

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Friday Pretty: Jiang Xin, Lu Yi, Yuan Hong, Ray Ma and Hyun Bin

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Friday Pretty Post: Amused and Bemused

This has become a crickets-chirping weed-invested place, it is unnerving… hmm weed.  I am unsure I am missing my rabid habits of drama/hotties spazzing much (sayings suchas passage of time, getting old, I know them kthxbye ).  However, I think I miss my drama pals here wherever you are, whatever you are up to, hope all is well!  Hey even if things are rockier, as things always do, I am paddling a similar boat. 🙂


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Yuan Hong was PUNKD

There is a variety show called Secretly Greatly, of a format I do not particularly care for, torturing and pushing the buttons of stars taped on hidden camera all in the name of entertaining us through the ‘fun’ pranks.   It is just not my kind of funny.  :/

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