Cdramaland Rumormill and Upcomings

1.  Andy Lau is confirmed by Derek Tsang he’s attached to a TVB drama. Andy is now working on the writing and preproduction.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not a fan of the moviestar Andy Lau,  but the TV idol Andy in the 80s?! *WANT!*

2.  Derek is also enticing Chow Yun Fat for a return to the small screen.

@__@  tbh, I’d rather see CYF doing sth he enjoys than selling out in one PoS blockbuster extravaganza after another.  So a big Fat yes/maybe?

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Smiling Parakeets Wanderers

I can no longer blatantly lie and call it XAJW/Smiling Proud Wanderer with the latest most fascinating rumors.   My jaws, r dropped. And Oh my sides!  iz splitttttt!

Now that most of the casting is set in styrofoam stone,  we still have one player a lot of slashy fangirls r interested in:  杨莲亭/Yang Lianting ie DFBB's loverboy.

YMM, the greatest comedian(ne) (s)he is, tweeted there is in store, an ultimate surprise in the casting of Yang Lianting.  He'll be a 'Top Star', the biggest name in the billing. OOOooo! Aahhh!

It sent the girls and boys into a frenzied guessing game.  This 'Top Star' is according to YMM, ie  that's a whole different galaxy of stars we're aligning here.  AND the biggest name ie A bigger deal than Wallace?!  HMMMMMM interesting indeed!
HXM, DuChuan, ZhangHan, FSF r all thrown around as the most likely contender, other possibilities: YanKuan, Mr. Nostril Ho/YMM's RL OTP and the funniest and most inspired guess:  Li YuChuan the SuperGirl androgynous popicon.

Latest clue is pointing at:
Wallace Huo!  muahhhhhhhahhahhhahahahhahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Oh Lord! *tearssss* Seriously the creativity of YMM gathering this cast and his 'adapting' knows no bounds.  We r going to have a LHC, IF Wallace will miraculously do a fantastic job convincing us, flirting with a DFBB since we're told 'he/she' will be the 'female'  lead, a romance btn them is not out of the question.  AND we'll have Wallace playing the weasel inside a manly beefcake package of THE gay lover of DFBB?!?!?!? That's our main love triangle,  perhaps?!REALLY?!!??!?!  Have you taken your psych meds lately YMM?!?!  He's indirectly denied any truth to it.  But I know not how to play his word games no more.

That said, I'm going to eat my words and say out loud my interest in this wuxia spoof is now pigued, officially I'm going to watch this damn bastardy thing.  And I'll be lying things r not looking MUCH better than I expected, exact opposite of everything DMY.

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