Counting the squees: I Live in Cheongdam Dong 1

It’s been nearly 5 months.

Any mention of ILICDD still gives me a rush of happy emotions and warm feelings that can only explained by pheromones of LOVE.  Even in my current state of mind, ie I’m no longer in a daze and complete shock at every turn how !#$%^&*^&%$%!##$$^%#!$^%@&$*%&#%^^$ perfect it is because I know that for a fact now.   I’m rewatching properly this time most rationally (yes I’ve rewatched some eps here and there pimping it to peeps around me) and it still hits me where it delivers spectacularly.

I’m picking the one and only drama as my fav of 2012 to go batshitcrazy.

This has been sitting in my draft for a month and I’ve tried to attempt serious, avoid spoilers…no avail.  I’ve deleted 3 drafts completely and this is what I’ve decided to post.  A 5 year old can quite possibly write something more eloquent and sensible.

Oh, well.  This is for my merriment anyway.

**There will be lots of spoilers. I’m trying to keep them from spoiling the fun.  Trying……but failing.**

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