Let Me/Them Pick You Up

My brain wants another vacation back from the vacation, as always, yet I am dozing off from the meds on my bed mostly…

…which is fine, because my biases have been kind to me serving me very sweet pretty enjoyable things I love to share.

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Friday Pretty Post

FOOTBALL!!!  Inescapable screaming and swearing whole town incapacitated month-long parties whether you care or not FOR ALL MANKIND (exc some edges in US of A haha). No FIFA corruptions and shitstorms going on is spoiling my precious game.

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Rooftop Prince pimping for LV diehards

Oh my precious~!  How I’ve missed ya~!

Long Vacation is my first ever dramacrack, it was a back to back to back to back addiction lasting weeks in college.   A guy got me an identical bouncy sparkling emerald ball, told me he drove several trips across the border to finally get it at a gashapon.  I believed him, was a smitten girl.  I still have it somewhere, the glitter is almost all gone, so horrible of me I can’t even rem the face of the boy.  I did throw it fr the top of my stairs when I moved in and found it sorting through stuff just to see if it’ll still bounce, it fell way short of my reach, not that I had ever caught it the LV way.  I rem shuffling through the moving boxes, care for nth but find my LV and marathon away.

Now and again, I will have my moments of wanting to do nth but veg and rewatch Long Vacation.  There are always random triggers that tug my heartstrings oh so similar, sounding off a resonance, things starting to tingle like that first ever flailing over a drama converting me into the addict I am today.

I should be packing for vacay and my laundry is not even sorted to be washed.   There r only 2 things, none constructive, I wanna do: rewatch the 6002only RP12 cut, or dig out my LV dvd.  Rooftop Prince, I would never have thought u could ever be a life-ruiner.  It started out being the best fit: I have no capacity to go intensely rabid.  It’s cute, but nth of a commitment. It’s not crack but animal crackers I can mindlessly snack on.  The right drama at the right time.  Then sth hits me at end of 5.

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