Weekend Pretty Post: Spring Edition (1)

Gosh, another March.   My garden is suddenly blooming in one afternoon, after my ruthless abandon, I do not know how living things survive under my care, or lack there of.

March, 2003, I was in Hong Kong.  It was the most depressing darkest days of my life in that city.  Time is flying in a speed that is too scary now, when the unit is going by decades instead of years.   Enough of my downer blues.

Happy WEEKEND!  What’s better than a mindless pretty picspam?   And I really do not fangirl a whole lot of C actresses, or do I?  Every single one of them seems to have a monthly engagement covering EVERY glossy magazines while I’m sipping red dates sweet soup that time of month. :X

It’ll be wise to rest your eyes before clicking 😀

[Thanks to OP summer的连衣裙VV]

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Monday Pretty (and not so pretty) post

Things I truly want to write about:

1. ILICDD: but then it’s mostly squees and I can’t stop myself from clicking another ep to begin with, and on top of that, control my inclination to gush with spoilers when this is one show that every detail is so precious and must be experienced firsthand.

2. FOL:   It’s D-2 KoreanTime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are down to counting down hours tmr!!!!!!!!!  It is one that truly gets better with rewatch, so dense and immersing a drama experience, and it’s just so well done with effort and thought behind every frame.  I still lost it so very early on, as in had to break and curl up in a ball crying when DongSoo’s dad is weeping about his dead son, his every word is like a stab to himself and to me, when we are also fresh on the visual of it happening on DS’ body.  TT___TT I think this is partly responsible (bulk is it’s written by a Kmelo fiend monkey no offense to monkey) of me not able to enjoy any of the contrived melodramatic in IMY.  In FOL I see a young DongSoo, being snuffed of hope every time there is a glimmer, and yet I see him at least trying to soldier on,  this tender, old soul in a young boy’s body.   I’m talking about a lonely, withdrawn young boy, not dealt a lucky card in life at all.

3. My 2012 favs.  I have so many or I should say I rabidly insanely love the precious few like no other year, my head is exploding in the happy.

But of course I go do sth not even remotely related instead.  *I do blame it on IMY being sooooooooooooo FUG.  Lets not kid ourselves, obviously YSH’s party do is ShinChan going to his prom.*

C netizens voted on the best (and worst) glossy magazine covers on their newsstands in 2012.   How can shallowme look away, may I ask?!

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Why can’t fangirling be a respectable, decently paying job as in every uncontrollable squee I make, ka’ching!?

I’m sooo proud of myself. I paused my NG watch at ep4, because there is a miracle and I suddenly am in possession of Self!Control! *can last an hour, I hope or 30 min* *STILL a tremendous amount of control if 10*

2.  Sweet dreams are made of these:

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Hotness of Cactors is off the charts, this post.  You’ve been warned:


YH kissing the mind out of a darn lucky woman in his upcoming TW/C drama.

Lets not forget he’s equally as lovely at the receiving end *I kid, he’s just rehearsing, PD showing him how he should hold the heroine Wang LuoDan’s face before some hot smooches*

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Painted Skin 2

The theme song Painted Heart MV looks beyonnnnddd amazingggggg!

If you have a fond memory of the original Painted Skin, this should do it.  I have, so I’m gonna watch it no matter what, like my biggest griping: no respect/adherence to source material whatsoever.

This is ChenKun, ZhouXun, ZhaoWei proving their worth and they r not pulling stops.  There is not a shot of them that is not dazzling and mesmerizing. I thought the eye sores will be YangMi and FSF…but I’m wrong, and pleasantly surprised how cute they are in the few seconds.

What draws my eye is this is dripping in gilded gorgeousness!!!! Yoshitaka Amano is the artistic director, and his derelict decadence is a feast for the eyes.  One of the reason why the barely decent original movie crept into my heart is the lovely theme song Painted Skin sung by the gifted voice of Jane Zhang.  I love how with part deux they aren’t even messing with the new and try to best that impossible feat and just add extravagant strings and orchestral accompaniment to it.

It’s lethal and illegal to have a wet/sexing/eyesexing/angsting ChenKun in all his scenes in the MV, let alone the homoerotic frolicking in a steamy bath by ZX and ZW.  We can see every dime spent and from the looks of it, very well spent.

Have another MV of another theme song: Painted Love ( a bit more spoilerish)

Have a picspam:
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A Chen Kun appreciation Post

DDay T-1.  Tmr, there will be an Occupymookie movemt by a certain crazy6002fanbeast.

So I'm hording pretty nuggets of everything else like a squirrel with her nuts.  Painted Skin: The Resurrection trailer is looking so kickass gorgeous, so much better than the campy trying too hard posters.  ChenKun+ZhouXun+ZhaoWei are reminding us why they r each C cinema's greatest happening megastar, lest we forget. They r not hinting on the fireworks of most awesome 3way chemistry in the movie proper, they r giving it to us every nanosecond of this 2 min trailer in our very face and our eyes know nth else to do but be held captive…. yet what to do when they share the screen?!?!!??!!??! dilemma dilemma dilemma!!!!

Buckled up?