O M F G QIHM!!!!!

I know I'll have heartpain but PERFECT heartpain never imaginable and the best ep ever AGAIN!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?  My heartstrings r soooo stoked they r humming that gayageum theme from now on…. I don't EVER deserve this, do I?!  Not that I wanna jinx it *oh plzzz stay awesome,plzzzz I need this to stay this PURRFEECT so I'll believe in unicorns aagain!*.    O MY WRITER-NIM-GODDESS~~~!  *BOWWWWWWW can I kiss your feet and dirt u just tread on?! Plz?!*

So one guess what I just did?!  Other then having mascara running down my face and typing while STARVING and slurping some too hot ramyun?!?!??!?

I dashed home at 9pm (I had volunteering duty after work tonight) and since today's Csubbed dl is not out yet ( I still can't find it grrrrr) I streamed it on youku on my tiny laptop….with the other 2 ppl *ie a 17 yo and my grownass hubby, who is a male btw* under my roof grumpy (and RABID) coz I'm late.  I know I'll bite them heads off if I walked in them watching! 

throughout the hour that feels like 10 mins (GEEZ WHY SOOO GOOD!!!!!), not an audible sound was made by the 3 of us, my tummy though shuuuuusssshhhhhed so many times, on one hand I'm embarrassed but OTOH I get NO LOVE FROM MY FAMILY!!

Here I'm eating finally, ramyun slurping and will go spazzzzz my heart out more as if it's not ripped out of me from the awesome.

YES, it's awesome and perfectly written and acted…ok YIN had a moment of a bit of forcing tears for a split second there but otherwise I've not seen such perfection since…yup….QIHM8 lately.  NO?  And boy did this ep fly by or not?!?!?!?! 

I'll attempt spoilerfree (I'll make sure I block it out at least) first we get AU written so marvelous I'm actually loving the big annoying A of Kdrama fav trope we're getting here.  What constitutes a memory for out OTP?!?  It can no longer be just a happening they physically saw/heard but sth so visceral that even after time-warping and history alterations will stick solid to their soul, like the 2 of them should just be stuck in a car, or a phone booth or a library or a hospital toilet FOREVER AND EVER AND EVERRRR!!! 

Gosh the genius use of the theme.  It's the same theme but wittily donned tonnes of variations this ep and so brilliant, when it's HJ feeling more in tune with the 'truth' the rest of her modern world has accepted as the only truth, we have her theme in modern strings and orchestra.  When she's faltering, we can have the gayageum accompanied by various degrees of western strings….BUT never did we get one of that simple gayageum she had only with BoongDo.  GAHHHHHHH!  And all of them r fine and befitting but I WANT THAT SIMPLE GAYAGEUM THEME OF OUR OTP BACK FIRST THING NEXT EP!
*I'll try not to type in caps this point forward coz this whole thing should be in caps and bolds, underlined and enlarged to match my screaming swollen heart in love with this!*

On even more marvelous things.  YIN.  She starts off FINE already but as emotions sore and she's trying to grasp it all and make sense of it all yet gut is telling her to hold onto all these ungrounded visions and senses and memories she's so very good with every nuance and each flicker of thought and doubt is fleshed out perfectly.  And JHW.  *SWOON* because I'm not a saguek girl, I don't really have a reference but there he's my vote for the most yummilicious Joseon person ever.  He's gosh, soooo awesome, gone is the little mischievous boyish cheeky grins he has, and those little mannerisms he picked up in modern world, he's back to the proper Joseon uppercusp gentleman suave within the confines of his society.  He still smiilllllleeessssss *GAHHHH* but there's more control, more demure ….AND will trip up unconsciously to just the right amount of shock allowed by a BoongDo but will quickly rationalize everything.  GOSH SOOOOO HAWT.  Who suffers the big A as hawt?!?!?!! NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scholar/Thinker extraordinaire, this is SO not the smile and look and everything you throw at ur fangirl for life's direction.  I know you meant it to be kind and gentle and sweet and caring, but that's so not the only adjectives we get.  Poorpoorpoorr fangirl!

And writer is giving us A. FkingAwesome U..  GENIUS.  Every little detail is taken care of, whether we've thought of or not, little perfect touches. Fr the obvious Q5 to an A5, or from how both BD and HJ r the same yet different (after the KISSES OF LURVE). 

Really you 2, gosh can we have some time traveling babies at the end of drama?!?  Or else how can you have phantom sizzling chemistry when you are not even in the same time and space nor sharing ONE FREAKEN SCENE WHOLE EP!?!?!??!!?!?!??!

Damnnn is this the look from a loving very concerned husband or what?! 

And DongMinmybaby, *HUGZ, come to noona*.  I've said I'm ridiculous and crush the caddish pervie cute twat from the get-go, but now he's a GOOD CARING LOVING GENTLEMAN??!?!?  Who will hug legs in worship and kiss the dust she kicked up and be genuinely sweet and loving and gloating in shouting out the world THIS IS MY GF!!! TEEHEE!!!  Oh my heart, I can't.  It palpitates even when I'm just being crazy here spazzing.

*Miannehhh, This whole post doesn't make sense (as usu)  but what's making less sense?! >> THIS EPISODE IS TOO AFDFFGJGJFHAGDAA GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!*

*still shaking and limbs, fingers r tinglings…to be obscene this is dramorgasm*

I stole all pics/gifs fr tumblr, sorry original posters, don't mind an absolutely flailing ahjumma *miannehhhh*

14 thoughts on “O M F G QIHM!!!!!

  1. So the mookie insanity begun from QIHM9 -> here -> twitterville LOL

    Haven’t seen 9, but am already hearing all sorts of amazing abt this ep. But you’re absolutely spot on, abt JHW’s take as a Joseon person/scholar! He’s soooooo charming, in every single way, something that hit me right from the beginning of Ep 1. I too have never LOVED a proper sageuk scholar/minister THIS MUCH. The way he carries himself, the confidence, the aure… aigoo, can our love go any deeper?

    I’m gonna guess your last favourite sageuk scholar was Lee Sun Joon from SKKS? KBD pawns now, even tho LSJ was great, and even tho I loved him to bits too.

        1. I loveeed TPM, and did think PSH was at his best in it. But JHW totally rawkz, the sageuk-ness of all elements combined, especially his garb and speech (totally spazzed like mad when he first came out in Ep 1, whatever he uttered out of that scholar mouth, I swooned like mad. I knew he was going to rawk it). Now I keep thinking that they should cast him in sageuks and in sageuks ONLY, if a choice is given.

  2. See? I told you there were would be heart clutching!

    When I was skimming the caps and spoilers this morning, I got the wrong impression and thought everything went back to square 1 which I thought was a pretty good story line as well. But then I actually had time to sit down and flailed and realized that the writer managed to write an even better version than what I thought! Ms. Song is like amazing sauce right now.

    I love that the thing that validate BD’s nigging feelings about this shadowy feelings he has about some other existence is the fact that he’s using words not familiar to him. It’s so fitting of his Joseon scholar character, plus any drama that use history and languages as plot devices are my BFF!

    And can we talk about how awesome the giaseng is? Yoonwol ~ I weeps for her heart break while simultaneous applaud the respect and self awareness that she has for herself. What a wonderful 2nd lead female character to dot the often shallow and 2D Kdrama land of supporting female roles.

    I need that gaegyum music as my ringtone asap!

    1. You gave me a fair warning *huggggggg*…and fr the tiny bits of spoilers I cant escape I THOUGHT I know the drift and trust me I’ve been thinking and prodding on nth but what’ll happen in QIHM9 every spare moment…but nope. I can’t ever come up with this genius. I’m not worthy for this awesome!!!!

      I was basically in awe and fascinated and my heart hurts a bit then wanna jump in GLEEEEEE how little touches of whimsy is EVERYWHERE and they r so good it makes me happy (but still heartpain for HJ!)

      I love how now we’re in phase 2: when they have both totally accepted the time-traveling and more now what if the warping is messy? What if reality it again telling them it’s not true?! AND we have BD approaching all these hints ever so pragmatically, keenly observant and with clear game plan following logical clues and HJ will tackle it with her usual bold charming klutzy line of thoughts…more going with her guts instead of having a grand scheme

      and YEs, that’s so super awesome what nigging BD is very slight speech differences….and it’s SOOO BD to retain those most vividly the literati he is! *and there I thought I have more than enough flailing for the wk or month* and kekeke our girl is about those hot kisses!

      I wonder why sweet Gisaeng is the only one retaining the info from the OTHER AU and servant boy doesn’t? *sigh* there really is no not-awesome characters here, even the baddies r real threats with evil dark brains!

      the gayageum ringtone: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/XFFFaRGleNc/?fr=rec1&FR=LMIDDLE

      1. But Han Dong, the every loyal and bumbling servant, does know that BD disappears randomly. He’s just not sure where BD go and I guess BD never discussed that with him cause you know I kinda foresee HanDong going “brain hurt. stop master, stop!” while BD can talk to Yoonwol on a more intellectual level.

        And I know am not supposed to swoon over BD/YW b/c of our flawless OTP but were you not “aww-ing” when he asks her what she wants, how he’s essentially offering up himself for her b/c he’s nice like that?

        I’m ridiculously pleased that his hair is still cut b/c yay for the drama not treating the audience as stupid to not notice these things (we just gonna close our eyes on his ability to find nicely fitted clothes for a frame that’s taller than your average Korean male…on a freaking horse farm btw.)Plus the car of lurvee is still there just banged up a bit due to all that time warping much like our OTP’s story. But it shall be back in all of its glory like in the opening which am really hoping is the conclusion to our epic journey or else I’m gonna throw a hissy fit.

        ooooh yay! Thanks! But darn it, tudou! My forever enemy, it barely loads for me and I’ve no idea how to rip it. It’s ok, if our Joseon scholar can figure out how a telephone works in 3 days so can I rip a tudou file! hur

        1. How he fits in some random size pants need a slowmo play by play. Details! *can I do some extra silly fangirling when I’m in rapture seeing him moving in and out of the rooms in his Joseon digs when he’s soooo freaken tall esp with the hatpiece and STILL so elegant and poised.

          Agree. Even though we know how it can bump YW he really is genuine, said every word exactly how he meant and nice like that, he’s considerate of her and thoughtful of decorum. But OTOH it breaks my heart a bit that very moment BoongDo must thinks love is such a remote fallacy….or worst he truly regards taking up responsibility for YW transcend ‘love’, that kind gesture is how he’s given up on the notion of romance essentially, not aware there’s sth so much more out of rationale magical out there in another world. He’s shocked when YW mentioned he has a woman he’s indebted to and he MUST go back for, part is there exists such a lady, but I also think he must be surprised any woman would have such an impt place in his heart, whatever that is under all the drama he’s involved in Joseon.

  3. damn this drama is so good I’m just impressed after Ep 9 (not that I wasn’t before that, heh). I mean, it feels SO DAMN SATISFYING when you see how the writer links up things happening in Ep 1 (i.e. Hee Jin introducing herself as Queen In-hyun and said that BD “tastes a bit weird”) with a major plot twist in Ep 9 (the only modern words that BD remembers the real meaning is what Hee Jin said when they first met, awwwww

    1. So3, gosh you r good.

      I can’t rem where she taught him the phrase that’s translated to ’embarrassed’ but i’m so loving even though we can guess that whole LURVE will bring him back, but when it’s happening with such smooth most logical things that only an observant and smart and perfect BD would give it more thought. My heart, is owned.

      And yes, I’ve watched 10 and is basically just typing coz another post of just caps of my aphasic AFDGHJAGDFJ is…. ’embarrassing’

      1. OMFG I just watched Ep 10 and I have to say I’m going to follow this writer for the rest of her career. She’s so damn good in combining moments of poignancy with humor. Love her to pieces.

        And I find Ep 11 preview such a sweet torture… how can I spend another 6 days thinking about all the sweetness in Ep 11??????????????????????????? Gosh and I can’t believe there’s only 6 episodes left…I’m not ready yet *sob* (BD sticking out his tongue? MY GOSH this cutie pie)

        I’m afraid I’ll have major BD withdrawal symptoms…ottoke???

  4. Well, I didn’t even try to make a proper post as it would have made no sense what so ever. I LOVE THIS DRAMA! There… and I’m not even a capslocky person. *frak, I keep having to rewrite almost every word for all these spelling mistakes*

    Where’s my ep 10??!!!!

  5. Then 10 came and I’m a puddle of goo on the floor….

    I need someone to mop me up so I can worship this perfection some more.

    *SQUEEEEE!* x a gazillion trillion!

    1. Re: Then 10 came and I’m a puddle of goo on the floor….

      Hey look! what’s the other puddle of whatnots here?! oh another puddle of goo.

      just done with 10. I dun even know y I can type but just to stretch out a gooey hand?!!?

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