awwwwwww ’Tis all love’

I feel like a very dead zombie.  I've been on my feet since 5am (the usual) and worked. THEN I've been braving traffic chauffeuring to 3 malls within a 20 mi radius….and today of all days I've put on my heels, it's 2 inches, but for 16 hrs st, can u feel my pain?!?!?!?

I just wanna say now that DMY's casting is all set in stone, I'll move on, and further away fr the Nth TR silly casting soapy mess.  I am not that interested in the drama all along because I don't see any real care to fake this as anything but a cash cow, it's never been top priority for TR holding its rights for a while till SS became a household name post BBJX.  Obviously the silly turds @TR r illiterate and don't care a wink exc for $$$$$$$.  My cast in head will always be the initially one they joked about, YH as HQB, HG as 9Ye, LSS as YuEr when I reread it. I'm fine with the bros switching, but I need me a final YH+HG bromance galore fluffy puppies and unicorns before they say byebye to their 20s for good and REALLY go their separate paths in their career *sobbbb*.

But after I've moved past the leads casting soap suds, the supporting cast is VERY interesting with a lot of peeps I dun mind watching for them alone.  I ❤ HanDong/Prince9. I <3333 Maggie Cheung fr her TVB leading lady days in the 90s and she'll make a smashing Madam Rouge.  However the costuming is so subpar for TR, it's almost as ridiculous as shittysword or their RoyalTrash DoMD PoS.  It's no longer a thing I'll judge whether it's going to be true to novel coz everything is warning me this is sth thrown tog using minimum heart for maximum gain (ie CraptheWorld). But if I have nth better to watch, I dun mind it as a drama on its own with no connection to the book at all.  They'll massively alter the book to get through the censors. Mark my words. *spoilerish: HXB's fate is extremely historically inaccurate in novel, and anything messing with real historical figure is BANNED in Cdramaland.*  I don't think the TR dupes will even rem about the concept of 'based on a novel' to risk not getting it out asap while it's talk/scorn of the town.  According to TR's calculation, as long as they will make the required amt of profit, they'll do anything because their trump card is, HG and SS has enough of rabid extremely hardcore, dense, tween fangirls to ensure a decent viewership/web hits….and they dun need much to get profit coz now they have Eddie and the overseas market is sooo secured, and that's where they usu make a bulk of their dough anyway.  They WONT even pull their usual effort to make this looks passable.  I'm ready to embrace the shittiest, most hilarious CGIs known to mankind.

And how gigantic is Loverboy's heart?!?!?!??!??!!?  Them TR bitches, they never ever gave him another wink as soon as he's left/kicked off their curb.  There's no simple human courtesy anything, as if he's ceased to exist in their fav playground of weibosphere.  And along comes DMY in the heat of its presscon and noise generation today, he tweets such a lovely simple weibo of ' 'Tis All (my) Love *muak*' [袁弘新浪個人認證全是爱[爱你]] He has nth to do with this no more, although he was used every ounce of his worth as some stand-in for 'a lead' till they get a better $ making brandname of a leading guy.  But it has his HuGe, his SS, his Eddie, his TR buddies (at least he still keeps them close to his heart).  What a guy!

I'm just happy after a headache inducing physically challenging day he's there on weibo giving me a sweet little nightcap, like turning my blankie and the equivalent of virtually left me a still warm chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk on my nightstand.


7 thoughts on “awwwwwww ’Tis all love’

  1. I get the impression YH could be even closer to Eddie than HG. He once called Eddie his “gui mi”! (i.e. the BFF you go to toilet together with) Then again YH’s also been called LSS’ “gui mi” HEHEH! *naughty grin*

    The slash joke at the press conf was quite funny. Eddie wanted to switch places with LSS to stand next to HG. Host asked HG if his fans will mind, and HG says, well YH might mind. LMAO!

    1. You do know I’m even a bigger mostly silent WhiteRed shipper and that ship overrides my HongShi ship, right? ^^
      I don’t need to know if they r gay or not, but IF they are, I ship them as a couple. If they r not, I ship them as conjoined twins/soulmates for life.

      I only see Eddie and Loverboy as very good bros, who has the same wavelength of being quite ‘2’ and silly and jokingly all out slashy. You can always tell Eddie is sooo just being funny and playful with his slash, but HG+YH is always so utterly out of this world bromantic, even more squeeworthy for me than HongShi.

      BUT, I’m a tiny bit turned off by HG mentioning YH. Yes, it’s hilarious and a fieldday for the WhiteRed shipper, but it’s too close to being tacky and inconsiderate and an element of using YH and their ironclad bromance for some promo purpose. I’ve just lost interest in HG, very rapidly lately and can’t see him in grander light.

      1. Oh, Eddie’s really close to HG too! Eddie said his brotherhood with HG started off by going to the toilet together, sleeping together…then HG shushed him! Hyak hyak hyak!

        Yeah, sorry, I know nothing can beat the WhiteRed ship. Those are lovers. Heh!

        1. I was so turned off by the slash at the presscon. There’s NOTHING slashing btn HQB and 9er. Even if I was not worried about SS’ sexy chemistry with the guys, but when they r selling us bromances left and right when this is one seriously sensuous romance, it got me more worried than I already was. I know they have nth much to show with Eddie JUST signed on and filming haven’t begun, but DMY is a good novel, and IF the production really is as it’s hyped up to be, there must be tonnes of talking points other than this sleaze. I’d rather see SS swirl a little and give us a taste of her dances as JinYu.

    1. Thank you~! I was thinking of whether to post it and translate the witty yummy bits…

      I dl’d it first thing because my hubs was a HUGE Priscilla Chan fanboy, he went to her farewell concert and I have my loverboy all in one show. It seldom happens and it was a surprisingly good and nutritious show in itself!

      YH surprises me every outing in a variety with the variety of stuff he is knowledgeable and is interested in and retains it in his brain.

  2. Yes I know right! I initially loaded the show w/o the intention of watching the whole thing coz of the length but I realised I couldn’t stop watching it eventually as it kept getting better. And then they had Priscilla Chan appear & I started squealing! Gosh I love her too & had spent the whole night listening to her classic hits on repeat mode..
    Really glad u liked it! 🙂

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