Bishonen, 14 years later

Remember the 1998 HKmovie introducing us the on and off screen bromance of Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung?

*Thanks to bluemoon I think I finally can do 2012 minus 1998 right!  It’s 14, NOT 24. XD*

They have been constantly collaborating throughout the years, starring in films together, starting a film company.  At TIFF this year, they have a movie to show: Tai Chi 0

The ‘steampunk-kungfu’ movie looks like a fun riot!  Daniel will play the noob bullied in his hometown to the point of seeking Tai Chi mastery in a village of Tai Chi masters.  United they must fight steampunk soldiers/outsiders.  It’s from the creator of Ip Man and Detective Dee, Stephen is the director.  Lets hope it’s more HG Wells x Ip Man than anything else.

On its promo rounds, Daniel is constantly asked by the reporters on Stephen’s new romance rumor w/ another Bishonen alum Shu Qi (the pair is reportedly moving in together and engaged).  Nth screams bromance like u need to tai-chi off the hawking eyes on ur Bro’s personal life.
The handsomest duo is also steaming up the pages of magazines.  I, for one, am appreciating the gorgeous a WHOLE lot!

The Ellemen bts is…@#@$@^##! Yes, this is how Jet and Sam should look in my head 24 years later!

Ellemen CN Sept Cover

8 thoughts on “Bishonen, 14 years later

    1. Childhood sweetie?! I thought this movie is R+ rated! hahaha

      I know, it’s not fair the guys can practically look exactly the same until they hit 40/50. I’m bating my breath for them to hit the ahjusshi bracket though, because I find them even yummier when they JUST hit visibly aged.

  1. I totally remember watching this the first time and OMG was Daniel HOT…Stephen too, but Daniel totally stole the show.

    They’re still HOT and good-looking…definitely aging nicely.

    But…just one thing, isn’t it supposed to be 14 years later…

    1. I’m…sucha silly twat hahaha it seems so long ago and I must’ve added the decade I wished I can turn back the clock myself~ 😛 Thanks for being the cool head!

      I always prefer Daniel over Stephen, S is hot but I’m not drawn to him at all but when he’s collab with Daniel, sparks r undeniable!

  2. Omg that movie looks awesome!!! Where do I spill my blood to get my hands on it? I’ve seen Detective Dee though, in a movie theater and fell asleep 1/4th into it…It was pretty but not engaging? Or maybe I was just sleepy that day XD

    1. Babe, I’m guessing it may pop up in one of those Asian films thing in ur woods soon. It’s just premiering @ TIFF next wk.

      oh gosh, I absolutely can’t stand Det. Dee, I think it’s so ridiculously silly and nonsensical fr beginning to end. It’s actually good for you to sleep through it coz it sure did hurt my head. Ip Man OTOH, I like.

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