Making a list and checking it twice

Updated my current drama list and the Horror!!!  It’s a monster!  In truth, I’ve not kept up with much of anything.  Drama-watching has been so sporadic, never have I experienced being stressed beyond a point to even watch stuff as background noise but I’m there.   Does it make sense blogging/brain dumping about the anomaly is cathartic when I can go watch me some drama instead but somehow my mind can’t even shut down enough for my oldest habit?!  I’m keeping a watching list mostly as a sticky note to self like for groceries.

Big Bang Theory:  My long time geeky guilty pleasure which is reminding me of my Friends days. The LeonardPenny ship is akin to RossRachel (ie I don’t freaken care).  Thankfully the nerdery is back in shape, S6>>>S5.  I’m only asking for a bit of witty geek-speak and a few lols the half hour a wk I’m unwinding and it does the trick.

Elementary is surprisingly watchable as a typical cop procedural (ie not!Sherlock)  with the blatant UST that is the white elephant of the series till it decides to jump the shark.   Brain work is not a requirement at all.  There’s good acting, great acting on Lucy Liu’s part (I’m susceptible to anything w/ LucyLiu, was sad when Cashmere Mafia got cancelled)

My Reason to Live is a 1997 Kdrama, starring every veteran K actress under the sun I’m crazy for.  Even though it’s clearly done on a budget of garlic skins, the ensemble cast is a feast to watch.  I’m most pleasantly surprised with the young Lee Young Ae (of DJG’s fame) playing a feisty low-life bargirl, pretty but never getting what she wants in life, ie typical fate of the residents of Mapo, the poorest most destitute neighborhood not moving forward much from post Korean war in 70s Seoul.  These are real people in the gutters, not the shabbychic ones shopping at A&F nor tearing off labels of sparklings got fr Lotte Mall.  I’m just relieved midway into the 40+ ep saga, I don’t have to put on my snark-cap and tolerate warts and misgivings like watching our usual current fares.  Good Old Days.

Can We Get Married is the best written, best directed Kdrama of the current airing.  I love it, but I haven’t caught up with it since ep3 which is the episode doing me in.  I’m not raving at the acting as much as other fans, I have a few rants here or there, I’m not as invested with the characters nor the OTPs as the norm but it doesn’t hamper on the fact this is just a solidly lovely drama with lovely writing and directing.  I’m still not on the SoonJun fanwagon yet and it disappoints me because there’s nth I like more than the incoherent spazzing.

King of Dramas is the kdrama I’m up to date since I’m watching with fam.  The characters are all interesting and imo very nicely laid out and fleshed out.  Even with a bit of outrageous OTTness with the plot, somehow at the back of my mind I’m ringing this can so happen in RL Kdramafactory.  This is not a shipper heaven but it’s refreshing to watch a kdrama not all caught up in romancing the leads.  I’m a fangirl of KMM who is his usual brand of perfection as his Anthony, JRW is fascinating to watch on her drastic improvement in control and nuances since MNIKSS alone, and this may be the very first time I’m watching sth partly because of SiWon.  He is the most entertaining thing amongst true guns.

I Miss You is the most curious case.  It is obviously written by K-melo addicted, traumatized chimps.  It is the acting elevating it so many notches above what the script is entitled.  The directing and cinematography is good.  However, YSH is not gorg enough to my eyes to be just smizing and selling his ‘sex appeal’ and calling it promising acting  hitchhiking the fanbus of SJS.  I groupwatched it as a drinking game and hubs insisted we’ve watched an entire YSH drama together we both adored and it was highly entertaining.  I was drawing blanks and was snerked at watching too many to remember, an hour drive later, my hair pulled out, the dude realized he’s a dumbo and I’m always right when he’s referring to WHIB and YSH is NOT!SJS.  I think my problem with YSH/SJS brand of acting is they are emoting intensely…something…the same bunch of whatever in every emotionally charged scene…but it’s never clear to me whether it’s pervie thoughts, constipation, sniffing some salted fish stuck inside his nostrils, or neverending brow spasms or just I’m too sexy for my walking stick.  Meanness aside, I can never pinpoint what’s translated to me with his expression(s).   So it’s frustrating me to no end having to pick one of a kitchen sink of intentions behind his face,  sticks it onto his Harry and hopefully it’ll work cohesively to his characterization.  Tt doesn’t help when I think he has paltry chemistry with YEH, and he’s still wayyyy too wet behind ears coming across as a teen in a shoe many sizes too huge faking it unsuccessfully.  He can so play the baby Harry and it’ll work better appearance wise (though I’ll be more annoyed by his vapidness against truly great GiveTHEMTheAwardssss! YJG and KSH)  I’m also never a fangirl of YEH, both in talent and looks, I’m shallow and sorry her face and features are droopy and I can’t see the pretty everyone is so gaga about.  She’s doing a serviceable job, better than I expected actually, she’s effective in the fragility and her scenes are moving, but I’m seeing more solidly great surface work, and too much thinking than true vocation to the character.  Chun is still green but he’s the one that really put in his all without abandonment and somehow he’s the only one I can connect with all the time in the adult cast of the triumvirate of idols.  I love his wordless, more poignant scenes: at the gate, in the shower, in the car handcuffed, end scene covering face…although his comical turns r cringely funny, it’s too typical Chun, snapping me out of his JW.  His scenes with surrogate Mom Song OkSook is so sweet and enjoyable, I can’t think of anyone horrible enough to not wanna squeeze and hug and kiss and love these 2 characters based on those snippets alone and want them together forever hopefully very happily as one family unit with or without Zo-e.

Going My Home:  Abe Hiroshi+Tamaguchi Tomoko.  Abe + TAMAGUCHI TOMOKO!!!   Other than these lovely actors being superb, there are no risible bells and whistles, just real characters, real happenings of life, nice subtle touches dispensed through out.  It tucked my heartstrings while I’m having a chuckle when Abe’s salaryman is taking a train back home, peeling a mandarin just like he did as a child watching ski jumping and for a moment, while biting into a juicy segment of fruit, lost in reminiscing his childhood, aspired and posed as a ski jumper taking the great leap….on the train, in his seat, jumping the lady in front.  It’s for savoring and serene afternoons.  I’m only an ep in, but it can very well be my favorite Jdorama this year.  It’s my fav thing of current drama potpourri.

Kodoku no Gurume 2: It’s as lovely as the original, truly for a gluttonous escapist.  It is an hour when I feel like I’ve put on the grey suit transported to all the nooks and crannies never trekked by tourists and allowed to soak my senses in life of a white-collar Japanese dude enjoying the highest delight of his typical day: eating the most lovely as close to home-cooked meal.  Life can be as simple as we wish and I wish for food and location porn in Japan.

Kekkon Shinai: I adore all the actresses and Tamaki Hiroshi is back to a healthy looking, but really half an ep in can we stop the Kekkon Kekkon Kekkon Kekkon Kekkon droning in every line every character had to say?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  But my Amami Yuki girlcrush is growing alarmingly despite the annoying bkgd music and all the cheese.

Monsters:  WB, P, being ur adorkable self!!!!  Even though dorama is my sleepaid.  Please makers an order of NwP the HS reunion next PLEASE!!!

I’m watching Ooku~Tanjou like everyone else, for what else but MASATOsama?!  I’m only 1 ep in and he is giving me more than I can ask for.

The Confidant is the only thing watchable fr TVB lately and an obligation with all my closest kin watching.  It is War of Beauty rererereredux this time centering around eunuchs instead of concubines.  The acting is as good as it gets in a TVB, the actresses are all very pleasing to my eyes for a change, 2 eps in, it’s actually better than my expectation, I thought it would be tiresome, but sth new I’ve learned of myself lately, I’m an acting fiend.  Gimme some and I’ll lap it up like child in candystore.   It’s guaranteed warts-a-coming in the middle section when the ratings will surely hit a certain satisfying the sponsors mark, still, a very solid, promising beginning.

Drama GoGoGo is really watchable considering Jiro is now frankensteinian’ed face of no return (and tbh his acting has never been impressive).  I don’t think this is anything extraordinarily fresh, but it has thoughts and efforts written in the script and I’ll take any decent writing in a C/TW modern like a drop of water in a desert.

19 thoughts on “Making a list and checking it twice

  1. Drama go go go is pretty decent, but Ive dropped it nonetheless because I just feel too detached from the story to care 😦

    I’m so behind The Confidant because I’m still torrenting subs, well…

    1. Yup, Drama GGG has nth to really write home and be rabid about. The acting is serviceable but the bar for C/TW moderns r set so low it’s still a relief for it to not majorly suck. I may down it in one go when I’m too bored and in a mood. My brain does crave for brainlessness.

      I’m just 2 eps deep with Confidant…haha I’m shocked nth is buggy thus far, not even the usual crappy howling of some out of tune lady as bkgd music.

  2. There are too many good movies out there too – Life Of Pi, Cold War, The Last Tycoon… I don’t have time to keep up with the drama world.

    1. *hugz* how are you doing?

      *LE SIGH*

      I’m still waiting for peeps to finish reading the book before we’ll go watch LoP :/ I have a long list of C movies I wanna watch but other than 1942 no showing date in my woods yet. If there’s going to be only one showing, can I forgo everything else and have GRANDMASTER!?

  3. Ermm, that’s like TWELVE dramas?!

    I’ve been waiting for a special single entry on MY, but I’ve got more than enough now lol

  4. “I Miss You is the most curious case. It is obviously written by K-melo addicted, traumatized chimps” – right on the money and hilarious

    This is another of those instances where my views diverge from Koala’s and align with yours. I don’t understand the whole rave about YSH, he is pretty, so what? I’ve never been attracted to any of Chun’s characters but even in this case, I would take his portrayal of Jung Woo over “intently constipated” YSH eyes. Actually, I think you are also right when you say Chun is throwing himself so completely in the role…that’s very attractive.

    I used to think YEH was pretty but years of Kdrama/kpop spoiled me. She is clearly not the most beautiful kdrama actress out there , but thats what kind of makes her special to me. I don’t know if she got any surgeries but she has her own thing going and I’m fine with that. I still have a lot of leftover attachment for her since Coffee Prince.

    I’m amused by how many people have jumped on the ship to criticize I Miss You. It feels like a standard Kdrama to me in almost every respect, aside from the fact that the OTP is so dysfunctional at this point (so not the worst offender out there)

    I still can’t make myself watch more of Can We Get Married, I feel the drama is trying way too hard to be trendy.

    Ditto on King of Dramas not being shipper heaven. I’m not even sure I’m shipping anyone with anything there yet although Anthony in love will be hilarious and I’m very much looking forward to the drama getting him there.

    Monster is a snooze fest you say? But I’m really missing Yamapi! 😦

    1. You know what made me the weirdest of weirdos? I actually liked YEH and thought she’s the most amazing thing in CP but CP dropped out of my favor around half way and the second half lost me entirely. I’m alright with Goong but I didn’t rabidly love it, and other than those 2, I think she’s completely lost her verve and heart in acting, and I hate watching halfassery, that said, I do think she puts in effort here and is very effective, I just wished I can feel the energy, the passion and spark in acting she once got. I do not really care about looks/PS until it’s distracting, I don’t think YEH is ugly, but she looks older than her age and spark-less, that’s all and it’s not she’s doing the Method for the role.

      I agree! I think IMY is pretty standard Kmelo fare minus the usual offender of the so awful he/she can’t act to save his or her life idol inserted as a main lead.

      Yeah, I feel you with CWGM, it is trying a bit too hard to be trendy for me as well, and I have rants on the Moms, who r too caricature of silly obstructing parent, but at least it’s not too contrived and dumbing us down. It’s not till ep3 that I’m firmly on board, but since then I’ve not had the biggest urge to watch the next episode but the dialogue is spiffy and I do love the director.

      I just watched KoD7 and it’s just fun and enjoyable! Evils r predictable, plots r easy to follow, SiWon is hilarious and FUN even for a non-fan like me, KMM is a class act playing the typical Kdrama guy1 and haha finally Oh Ji Eun fr ILICDD appears towards the end!!!!

      Pi is BACKKK being his adorkable self (at least what I think he is) in Monsters! I think it’s slapstick + cop show so there are murders to be solved but not making too much sense and logic. I know I know, why am I watching PLOT! in a YamaPi dorama?!

  5. Wow I really like how blunt you are even though I may not agree to everything (because I am not as critical obviously 😉 ) You are very critical, but you make a lot of sense ( compared to Koala because I don’t exactly get what she means) and I like that.
    Actually I am kinda proud that IMY is one of the only 3 trendy (?) dramas in the list. It is not a perfect drama, for me it is enough to relate, especially the character HJW.
    I am fascinated by the character and also the actor that portrays him. He is new right? He was an idol? but somehow he is doing the best among the 3 and he makes HJW very relate-able and real. However, I agree completely on the comical moment, especially the karaoke scene. I think he overdid it. HJW has enough daily gestures that make him adorable, that scene was so unnecessary. This actor can just stick with the emotional scenes as he did them the best. Also, I think this transition seems smoother than the one in TMETS considering YJG were younger version in both
    On YEH, I think she is very pretty and charming in her own way. However, I didn’t really feel her acting most of the time. Gotta say she improved a lot in this one though. She is lacking here and there but overall she is trying her best and going on the right track.
    The only one I don’t feel ok watching is YSH. I know they all said YSH was gonna eat other 2 up before the drama aired but it seems not the case to me. Adding to the fact that YSH looks like SJS, he also gives me the same feeling even though their acting may not be the same. He is not trying at all, maybe he thinks his gaze is hot enough to convince. However, smoldering look can only do that much too me. I am not impressed at all with his only 2 expressions so far. He seems to be the weakest link among the 3 and his appearance doesn’t help either. I see there are so much hype for him as an actor and a character but no I am not feeling it. I think I prefer him in “The way home”
    Overall, I think IMY is an ok drama to watch. The acting is good enough for me as the story revolves around HJW. The directing and cinematography are very good and the writing is not that bad either. As I am not as critical but also not that easy, I find IMY not a bad choice during this drama season.

    1. We all have our biases XD I know I will offend some fans of YEH and YSH but that’s my honest, if brash, opinion. I wasn’t betting on them wowing me because I’ve been disappointed several times prior, but I am still holding out hope and can’t be happier they will prove me wrong. Honest.

      YEH is actually better than I expected. I’ve tried out quite a number of YSH’s work and he’s failed to impress me, empty promises thus far. I’m easily impressible though, if he makes a great turn here to shut me, I will sing my praises! Somehow Park YooChun, as inexperienced as he is as an actor, has brilliant moments connecting with me with what he’s expressing, even though techniques are not quite there, yet. He was/is an insanely popular boy-bander (of DBSK/JYJ) and didn’t start to seriously act till 2010, but I see his improvements and he’s trying different things gaining experience with each of his subsequent works.

      I also agree YEH has a screen charisma and her own uniqueness, she has potential and ‘it’ but acting is an intricate craft that needs constant, diligent honing and she has not been putting in her end of the bargain with hard work. Considering how much praises she got in every outing, she’s alarmingly overrated to me. She’s doing well here emoting in closeups and I’m affected, but the transitional little touches are missing when a relative newbie PYC puts in the effort to study the tiny details of the performance by YJG like the biting of the pen, I just have a hinge she’s not putting in every ounce of her effort because it’s not absolutely necessary considering her rabid fanbase plus being a bit too self-assured. This is a very juicy role, possibly her most seminal, translating her from Miss popular to proper actress and young KSH has been hitting it out of the ballpark, I thought that’s wake-up call enough for YEH to bring in her A++++ game like we’ve never seen before if she’s serious with the business.

      Imo, too much showering of praises on a very young actor with potential, with an instant shot to popularity, as in YSH’s case, can do a great deal of harm than good. YSH rise to stardom is partly because he’s so unforgettable a young SJS’ facetwin. They are even sharing similar styles in acting which impressed hordes of fans. All’s good until he got too comfortable (ie lazy) in his actor’s habits and too popular and dazed to real constructive criticisms of himself for improvements. I can sense he is smoldering and emoting but without a clarity of thought and a careful studying and understanding of his character. I do not think he’s not trying at all, but he is like on cruise control, when instead of seeing depth and layers pertaining to his complex character I’m unnecessarily bewildered and confused as to what Harry is up to, I can’t connect that poor maimed lonely boy to this ‘adult’ successful chaebol version. As an engaged couple, the scene where they are sleeping together more awkward and void of the natural intimacy of 2 souls mutually dependent through a span of 14 years. I’m not sure if Harry is designed to hint on being nefarious, scheming and manipulative and keeping a tonne truths from Zoe all the years deliberately but that’s what I can’t shake from YSH’s questionable smirks altering with his boyish sweet smiles then sudden cold, blank faces. My gut is telling me Harry has not yet developed a dark side at this vantage point at ep6, but YSH is playing the character ahead of the development, even though it’s clear as stone he’s heading that way, we still want to witness the journey.

    1. Oh really?! I didn’t find the characters particularly winning, but I’m not offended by them. I only find the Moms poorly constructed: they can’t be as ‘sophisticated upper crust’ then a sillytwat the next minute, nor worldly yet ignorant.

      I guess this maybe like what I experienced with In Time with You.

      1. Baby sis is immature and unreasonable w her SO. She always manages to pick fights out of thin air. Older sis acts the victimized wife when in fact she chose to put that domesticated mask on n make their marriage a sham. Her hubby’s no saint, but she’s frustratingly manipulative.
        Both girls also condone their mother’s behaviors at the end of the day. They may complain about it w/in the family, but they defend n expect others to put up with it just the same.
        Considering how it’s a trendy drama w characters like you and I, they’re ppl I’d never want to be friends w IRL.
        Youqing from ITWY is also a big ball of ego I’d want to stay 10 feet away.

        1. I’m rubbed more wrongly by BabySis’ fiance played by SoonJun, he’s the one pining after her more and he can just turn the other way just coz of a snag. That’s not how u convince me this is a guy till death do us part before even the test, wear and tear of time . I kinda can explain babysis’ behavior off as being young and bratty and the stress of getting married (which she’s not exactly the one who initiated ie haven’t got the capacity to think thoroughly through). Bigsis is groomed by Mom without using her own moral compass and head on what she really wants in life and now she’s stuck in a marriage she hates with the under current of disgust at herself making a horrible mistake then, but too wimpy to get out on her own right. They r not likable but at least they r not holier than thou like a YouQing who is not only too full of herself, but also silly, and ignorant WHILE I’m told to believe she’s the zen master of wisdom of the peeps around her as well. So I so can understand you point these r not exactly likable characters you wanna root and befriend with during a dramawatch….and kinda dun care whether they Can Get Married or not, but that’s exactly what’s intriguing me: it’s not certain this will be rainbows and unicorns, yes a happy ending is almost like 90% but I can buy them not as well.

  6. Big Bang was so boring this season until the last two weeks which finally brought back the funny.
    Chun was still doing RTP acting in ep5 but he’s slowly getting better. And I just like watching Chunface. 😀

    1. I guess BB5 was sooooo underwhelming I’ve none of any expectation whatsoever with BB6. I just want Sheldon to never change and be an obnoxious alien forever for my enjoyment!

      There are seriously many scenes Chun’s nailing it, some are more shaky (esp the shouty scenes…it’s very LiGak cartoonish), but sum is greater than the parts, he’s doing the most awesome job of the 3 and it’s not really that biased an opinion. 🙂

  7. Wow you are watching lots of dorama lately!
    I’m watching Oooku ~ Tanjou ~ and Kekkon Shinai while banking Going My Home, Priceless and Osozaki no Himawari. Oooku is simply addicting with solid script and great acting; I can’t believe it’s not getting a higher rating. I’m only 3 episodes in Kekkon Shinai but I love the interactions between the two leads and the nuanced acting from both of them. I have to agree with you that I am also annoyed by the constant mentioning of Kekkon which does seem silly at times.

    LOVE King of dramas. The dynamics among characters is so tightly written and I love how they keep batting the ideas of individual agendas vs teamwork. Sometimes it seems the former prevails only seconds later teamwork changes the whole situation.

    Only half-way through ILICDD and I’m happy to savor it slowly. I love all the thoughts, wisdom and care that were put on the script. Sometimes you feel that each episode is just a very long poem.

    1. I constantly watch quite a few doramas every season, just seldom things that aggravate me nor turning me quite rabid to ramble about!

      Do you like Osozaki no Himawari? I’m thinking since I love Going My Home so much, it wont measure up to it as a slice-of life. I’m in madlove with Masato-sama I just can’t take my eyes off him, he’s soooo awesome! I watch it at bilibili, hahahaha it’s such a riot there.

      I’m surprised KoD is so watchable, I think out of all the behind the scenes of kdramaland shows I’ve seen this got the right balance, it’s not aiming too high, but it’s well done every way I look at it.

      ILICDD will be my forever LOVE. You said it, it’s truly a poetry in drama form that half hour we get to spend savoring it. I’m so impatient though, I marathon it in days, but I’m rewatching it steadily and seriously. <3333

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