I Miss You 7

This post is here because I’m (re)watching the ep with my DH last night, not out of loving IMY so much, but because this is some hilarious shiz to him, so to keep myself occupied enough to be an engaging partner and to vent my rants to the right channels, I’m gonna ‘live’ watch here.  FYI, he is: 1) not a Kdrama fan 2) loves to hatewatch bits of Kdrama I’m watching but says the silliest things 3) lurves nth more than making fun of my kdrama fetish.

I’m not nice and he’s not nice + a scatterbrain of a lot of Kmelo machinations.  So fans of IMY, YEH, YSH and Chunface, be warned :X!

[I stole all caps, tonnes of them from IMY baidubar/tumblr.  Thank you OP!]

He looks 15.  (yup) How old is he really?  (19)  How old is Harry supposed to be? (26) He looks 16, max.

You know, if really in a brawl and he really went defenseless, the eye sockets r usu the first to burst being too tender. (This is not Walking Dead)

See, I have a problem w/ how Zoe is coming across here, calm, collected, monotonous in her ‘HJW’s, yes quite KSH’s SY-esque but she’s no longer that SY so I need at least a quaver extra.  Out of these 2, JW is at least proactive overcoming the trauma and is surrounded by loving ‘Mom’, sister(s) and coworkers…etc. IF logic is not failing us (huh), he should be coping with it better and Zoe is absolutely catatonic still and dependent entirely on Harry to function last ep.  A day or 2 ago we had her flying half the globe to revisit land of past trauma just because she can’t part with him for hours.  This is too surreal after all the believable fragility of the previous ep.  I choose to believe she’s still shattered beyond repair all 14 years after the horrific trauma and has no agency to even hold a glass of water and breathe properly reliving it and JW should be a living reminder, almost like rapist’s presence, no way just the rage seeing Officer HJW is enough to produce the instant poker face.


And I totally get the point crossing JW’s mind, even though there r all these clues, this woman is not exactly the SY he shared the horrible past with.  And yes, it frustrates me to no end YEH did not put a layer of this SY right under the facade.  It takes intricate nuances, but I insist it’s absolutely necessary, esp to the point we can still see how painful this is for her as well, if not more, but still unclear to JW.

WHY the smiling?!  ARgH.  If Zoe is acting as if she is some random person, seeing a cop so beaten up and clearly a hot mess of emotional pain and baggage, the cutesy is so out of place.  IF this is SY’s pokerface at the sight of his pain…erm I guess unless the timeline and distance is established as in SY is somewhat healed and functional to be manipulative,  this is so not cohesive w/ the same person I spent time with in ep5,6.

I think YEH is overdoing it in the soju scene: it’s either zealously flirty or I’m up to sth or I’m cute and pretty, but there isn’t one that is a combination of the complexity of what SY should be feeling, even when she’s putting up an act, unless SY picked the wrong career and should be a super talented natural actress instead, this is too much mad acting skills.

…esp when next to PYC whom at least I can see a glimmer of hope/yearning mixed with a ball of frustration in his eyes, ie it’s complicated.

Here because I feel for Mom:

Who is she?  (unrelated Sis) She can pass as real sis, she resembles Mom. (but PYC is not blood-related son) Eh?!?  She’s not sis of Mom?!  (Ermmm…nope.  She’s…*draw relation diagram explaining she’s supposed to be girl2, how she’s related to girl1 and dead by sodacan Dad/Cop and is crushing PYC blablablabla* ) *insert OMGface on dude watching along*

Yup, still bugged by all the too natural ComeHithering.

I’m not sure if it’s biased talk but I quite like this fed-up-I-don’t-really-want-any-more-of-you look on PYC’s JW coz it is truly unimaginable realSY is capable of the toying.

I also like how deflated he looks and nonchalance towards the (not)SY right next to him.  And the nice reaction shot of him perking interest suddenly again with SY just like that.

This may be my favorite shot of YEH, lost in a moment, stripped of the mindgames, and channeling that sad but tenacious lonely little girl.

I also love this shot of YSH, even though he’s been spying on their meeting earlier on, he should be taken aback witnessing him driving her home, as a fiance should.  It’s the following scene of Harry+Zoe that had me quite aggravated.

Lolz Chunface, this is soooo LiGak!  Work on it sweetie.  Work on it.  He’s kinda walking with a haughty stance like that Princey still. Yup.

Nope, still not feeling the trying too hard to be menacing calculating pokerface Zoe, I can get the point it’s driving at and she should be pissed and wound so raw she wants some payback, but it’s rubbing me the wrong way when I can only see wanting payback 99% and a tiny bit of the wound still open and bleeding and what she’s doing is akin to pouring salt on it……all the bundle of raw emotions almost thrown in as an afterthought.

Call me a sick bastard, but I do not care for a smiley SY this very moment.

YSH fans, please look away and ignore all of this:

WHY IS HE RIDING A BIKE?!  He looks <15.  Esp next to her.  She looks like his babysitter.  He’s crippled!  He can’t even walk without walking stick!!!! You can ride a bike even if you can’t fully use one of your legs, technically.  REALLY?!(I can’t ride a bike.) Technically.  It’ll be very hard though.  Same token, he can walk without his walking stick.  It’ll just be…hard.  Are you freaken using ur nerdy BSing logic?! It’s not false, what I said.   IT’s a KDRAMA! Confused.  So is it not making sense to make sense in a Kdrama?!  I DUNNO ANYMORE!!!! *And I dunno why this is screaming at me to rewatch an ep11 bike scene in MNIKSS.*

ARgh.  It’s The Face again. My head hurts.  He really looks like guy2 in WHIB.  IF you say it one more time I’ll throw things, at you.  FYI, you were equally frustrated w/ guy2 in WHIB.  Yeah, I also said he’s sleep’acting’.  WAITTTTT!  While we’re spitting nonsense HE PROPOSED!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is it because he……fell?  I dunno.  I thought u’ve watched it.  I’ve missed it, I’ve zoned out. They sleepact and I sleepwatch.

He’s not the one who’s raped as a child, right? <___< He can be such an arse, my DH.

So here is a proper, ugly rant:

This scene should be sooooo ridiculously charged, most sparks-a-flying btn Zoe and Harry to date, but nope.  For a few seconds I wondered if they said their lines and did their closeups separately without the other party’s presence.

If I’m to accept the premise Harry is in an obsessive to the point of dysfunctional love towards Zoe since forever, and he’s been thinking of marrying her since 18 and can wait and blablabla, this feels as passionate as 2 naked person stranded on 2 separate icebergs without a research station in Antarctica, I do not appreciate after making that grand proposal, it’s still the same equally smoldering not missing a beat look prior, not cranking it up, no nth, AND his body language is actually pulling apart from Zoe when he so should be grabbing her in his arms, no!?  Esp if he truly desires her this bad to say it out loud and she’s wavering, he should so jolt her off all that HJW imprint and remind her of the physical comfort and presence he’s been providing/forcefeeding her all the years.  I also want YEH to be WAYYY more broken that scene to compensate for all the laborious acting/bottling up earlier, a few shivering and tears won’t do when she can still sit straight and why the heck is she the pillar of strength and the shoulder for Harry to shy a pretty drop of forced tear?!?!?!?!?!  If he’s feeling threatened as in his world is caving in, afterall they were inseparable as of a day or two ago, and now the most precious possession is whole mind full of her first love, shouldn’t he be more hysterical and a bit/a lot more emotional?!?!   If this is not the time for double mental breakdowns, I dunno when is.

I don’t really know what this is about other than showcasing YSH’s face, which to me read blank and void.  But I supposed it can also be canvas for interpretation as in he’s emoting the hollow feeling in his sinking heart? esp now that his role of Guy2 never ever getting the girl is sinking in?

Meanwhile Chunface is screechy and overacting with ALL HIS HEART.

Yes, I wish he has better control but at least I’m feeling his angst in full dose and how his character is frayed and losing it.

Frankly these are the fugliest normal/serious faces I’ve ever seen from YooChun (those on Happy Together should be kept in a locked lil vault of their own).  I appreciate them though, at least there’s no preening on his part, when a lot of more experienced actors with an idolpretty baggage can’t let go.

But yeah, there’s still a bit of Micky strutting going on:

Good that I can still see sparks with everyone he’s sharing a screen with:

And this is very telling why PYC has his hordes of ahjumma fans (I’m sorta one), he’s just so much better and a natural when he’s sharing a scene with the veterans.

This is here because I think Chauffeur is very pretty, arguably the prettiest of them boys:

And I also love Rich Babysis because she knows her Kmelo spelling out incest having the hots for her stepbro and what a miracle, considering her genes, she has no mean bone in her.  Shallowme also think she’s very cute, plus I’m sticking her here because I am shipping rich princess with pauper chauffeur not based on anything but just what I’ve learned fr my shoujos, history is never wrong:

I know this is Zoe the Designer doing Sexpot. But I’m an equal opportunity snarkette:  Sockless MaRu is less ridiculous than Pantless Zoe.

And while I’m shallow, this is not too good a makeup job to be vavavooming. But yeah, this may just be horrible fluorescent lighting coz the following cap is better, trying too hard, but better:

Because I’m watching it for the second time, I’m so entitled to nitpick: I’m told Zoe is not comfortable with skinship from her interaction with Harry and her airport scene, this grabbing of JW’s hand should be so heightened in feelings yet YEH’s SY is treating it like she’s signing another autograph on a stock photo of her own.  No one in RL, in SY’s situation, not even an experienced thespian can be this collected this very instant no matter how intentional and how many times she’s rehearsed in her head.  Even Irene Adler, skipped a heartbeat.  At least I see some off-kilter agitation on PYC’s face.

As contrived as the scene of SY’s seeing Mom first time in 14 years right when the news of rapist is on tele, I do love the emotional beat:

Though I vaguely remember Mom not too saintly w/ youngSY, how much she loves her and now JW too is so real and palpable.

And gosh I so love YooChun’s face here, the love only from a child to his Mom seeing her in pain but helpless because he’s forever the child yet he feels every bit of it and it must be the Nth time they’ve been put through the exact turmoil:

TT____TT  The subsequent scene is another obvious fav of mine, it’s not the first time the Mom-Son scene is stealing my heart, it won’t be the last (IF I’m still watching the drama):

It is hard to not chuckle at this face.

And I’ve yet to see a more subtle yet super sweet gesture of a son switching into Mom’s ahjumma clogs just coz his shoes are warmer.

I’m so happy these 2 found each other and even after the fresh trauma from the news, she can find solace and warmth in him always.  Rapist’s death is a closure and they/he should move on.  They r true soulmates and so comfortable they will always have this relationship to depend and lean back on. *Argh, but after typing it out….writer, I’ll personally hunt you down and hurt you if you harm this in any way!*


*patpatpatpat* Good job 6002.

This can be a fun pair, no?!  *she still looks like an auntie of PYC, and did I miss the memo?  How come I didn’t catch a scene of her crushing surrogate brother still?  Or is this it?!*

And again a few YSH scenes I’m MEH about:

Lets speak logic, I don’t wanna think too much into the whole maimed leg/walking stick business.  IF he’s all healed by modern medicine/surgery, we really do not need that pretentious stick ever in Paris.  And please don’t tell me there’s magical healing voodoo in Seoul’s water+kimchi or bike riding around your sofa is miracle physical therapy.  And sorry YSH that is a bit too much fake u r blowing ur act.


Let me say this:  Kmelo rule of thumb: unattractive ahjusshi dude in glasses = not up to any good.  IF you out evil that dude, it’s cruel to rob the poor senior actor’s ham.  Kiddo, rule #1 of being convincing a menacing Kdrama baddie, you do not smize like a baddie for eyes to see.  Rule #2 of being a true convincing Kdrama baddie, you do not smize more like a baddie than baddie next to you.

There’d better be a hot angsty smooch right after, even if blocked by that stupid yellow umbrella, coz Chun is grinding his teeth, deliberately slanting umbrella ready and you don’t go put on that whole stick of red lipstick for nothing, gf.

And this is a perfectly handsome YSH face also ready with anticipation, witnessing such devastation fr his pov, straight-forwardly shock and no coy thoughts behind, too bad it just is not cohesive with any of his scenes prior.

24 thoughts on “I Miss You 7

  1. LOL…enjoyed reading your convo. I actually with some of your commentary. Even though I’m a fan of Yoochun & Eunhye, the former is overacting in some scenes, while the latter is underacting (is that a word?) Although YC is overacting in a few scenes (especially when he was running to the rapist’s apt & begging him to be alive, I was kinda cringing)…overall, he’s doing a commendable job portraying JW. It lets us feel what he’s feeling and we can see & understand without him even talking. I do feel that YEH acting as SY acting as not-SY was a little too much (fake) acting. Does that make sense?…LOL

    YSH…I was never a fan, not that I disliked him, just didn’t watch anything he was in, but yeah, he’s just kinda got 2 faces, 1) serious 2)smirk…haha. He’s not really doing anything much for his character. Especially in casual clothes, he looks like a teenager, which he is, but even younger than his age, a high schooler.

    Tons of people are raving about YEH/SY & YSH/Harry’s chemistry…but all I see is familial love, not romantic love, at least on SY’s part. Anyhoo, I’m still loving the drama and will continue to watch. You should too 🙂

    1. I’m not expecting much from the 3 darlings and this genre is absolutely painful for me to watch for sanity’s sake, but somehow there’s tiny little bits worming me in each ep just enough. It’s squarely where my expectations lie from the acting, writing, everything, maybe I wasn’t expecting YSH to be this unwatchable. I’m fine with differing opinions, mine always align off deep ends of weird anyway, but anyone seeing a lick of chemistry, not even the family kind of 2 siblings growing up 14 years without 5 ft apart, let alone the man vs woman marrying kind btn YEH and YSH is, lack of better word, delusional imho. He’s so out of it almost like I’m seeing him insert a smize here, another smolder here just to keep things above freezing while all the other moments he’s sharing the screen with YEH is like an emotional vacuum. He’s doing his own thing and she’s emoting her faces. He has more chemistry with PYC, in the few scenes, at least he looks alive, sad but true. It’s flat out most shocking and painful to me to see such a veteran of 14 years in the business and mostly quite good at it at the age of 19 so be this horrid because I really don’t see how this is particularly an extremely difficult role to play.

      While I was never a fan of YSH, I used to not mind him at all even if his look, very ShinChan-esque, is not anything rocking my boat, I’ve checked out most of the things he’s done out of curiosity alone, he’s been vying from very good and promising (he’s one of the few bright spots of Queen Snoreduck) to gradually deteriorating with each project last few years to meh and lately cringeworthy (in Arang)

  2. WHOA, must be the longest post on a drama you’re not really into I’ve ever read.

    Something’s wrong with YEH’s make-up, she looks too NOT made-up being a fashion designers. In fact she looks kinda pale-ish, maybe that’s why she looks more natural when crying.. hmmmm.. :/

    No comments about YSH, because I’ve already given up hoping.

    1. Lolz, I’m glad for you we haven’t met during my AiMH/StH days, I was a rantmonster spitting venom to all my dramafriends

      I don’t hate IMY, I think writer has some decent ideas of plot, BUT clueless as to how to move fr pt A to B in these confines. I actually thought the child trauma is truly devastating and raw for once as opposed to the usual contrivances. I’m not truly offended by anything, it IS annoying even while I don’t mind PPL but YSH stepping off his bike and the closeup on his shoes r just too much. Every passing minute I watch of YSH, I’m more disappointed with him because I can see YEH easing into her role and she’s much better fr ep to ep and honestly showing her sorely missed potential in 8, outshining PYC by a long shot for a change …yet YSH is still comfortably sitting in his zoning out.

      I don’t hate the boy, I’ve loved the acting of guys I am not attracted to (our boy Yeo JinGoo) he is just so not ready, nor putting in effort to be in adult romancing roles… it’s not even his baby looks, because I can see the much younger Yeo JinGoo working it. If this role lands on HyunWoo’s lap or anyone of the right age and enough skills, it’s really not THAT difficult to make me swoon my hearts out, damning writing or what nots.

  3. I enjoy your scathing criticism XD
    Keep it coming.

    I am a PYC fan and I really like Eun Hye
    but i can definitely see the parts where they over/under act.

    I lurk on your blog a lot and i find your ranting enjoyable plus we share biases (Hyun!!! Bin!!!! D-7!!!!) and tbh you got me hooked on yuan Hong and i really wish there are more websites that translated c-ent stuff.

    *back to lurking*

    1. I hope it’s not too painful to read, my venom. I have an acid tongue and I always let it run loose. But I am more critical towards the peeps I do care about and I honestly do, these 3 babies shown me potentials. Or else I won’t be checking out IMY at all.

      t’s D-6!!!! Dec 6th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t think of a truer Christmas came early than this.

      My kindred spirit! I seriously rarely come across YH non-Chinese fans. You are of a rare breed and very best of taste! XD

  4. Lol jet li looking like boy acting is sometimes funny ! I couldn’t help but laugh when he tries to act scary or violent. He sure tries very hard at times 😀

    1. Yup, that’s Chunface for us. I can’t fault him for not trying his darnest, and I do think he has his share of talent and he did manage to nail a few scenes here and there effectively. This is a very challenging role beyond his skill set and actually he’s doing better than my expectation of him because I don’t think the writing is doing any of them any favors and they all desperately need all the help.

    1. It is. I think it’s intentional to aid in her portrayal of how fragile and broken she is, but it’s also weird to walk around as a professional looking like she’s cried her eyes out for weeks if not years. I wish they would give me a very polished, almost mask-like cake of makeup done to perfection to hide behind when she’s with Harry because that will tell a more poignant story of them leading a seemingly loving functional relationship and faking the moving past the trauma.

  5. Wow lol you are too funny I laughed left and right reading your recap. It is still kinda very harsh on some part. Opps, not harsh, blunt to be exact but I have to say I agree with most.
    I am not going to talk about YSH and YEH because I am so distracted by the way you put it in the recap lol
    However, YC did overact in some scenes, esp the one he saw the dead body. Maybe it is HJW who is crazy. Well maybe not, but it was definitely annoying to watch that scene lol

    1. I think the director should guide YC to hold back on the shouty, he’s as effective emoting without all the insanity and it’s super LiGak-esque. It doesn’t make sense when he’s supposed to be a detective Conan but can’t even reign himself in enough to do his job which is so freaken his whole existence. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be boiling with all the crazy angst inside.

      1. Exactly. I know he is supposed to be crazy and all but sometimes it is just too much. About the directing, I think rush filming is one of the reasons. They probably don’t have times to reshoot those scenes many scenes as obviously they appeared to me ok or acceptable for many people. Not for me though, and you of course.
        I feel like this character is very very challenging to portray, therefore, as he actually nailed his emotional scenes (at least for me), he is doing not good in angst scenes but I believe he will improve later on.

        1. Because I really can’t watch IMY too seriously, I find myself picking up stuff on how savvy this production is on the bottom line. We first heard of YC on board and around the same time YEH, but that’s still just a month+ ago when the younger leads were already shooting the first few eps. This can not be a sign of real eye on quality any way I look at it. This is very prettily packaged, shrewdly business-minded CF selling commodities in brilliant form of packaging: classic kmelo pure romance with a fail-proof idol combination, a very solidly good crop of popular hotties to the young demographic to be exact. They are all doing a good job actually down to the MBAs working for the big deal phone company. 😉

      1. yes they bring French staff cuz they base in France. I thought why fashion show in France is filled with on Korean guest??? I only figured out in ep 7 HJW step mom sent pics saying senery in jeju is pretty so I took photo LOL. Then I remembered Harry & Zoe talked about it many time, I don’t know why I didn’t understand may be I was sleep watching.

        I think u are giving little favor to PYC, please give more mean comment to him :))
        He sometime overact, sometime underact, I don’t get him in ep 7 drinking scene.
        But he convince me that he is HJW, HJW drive me crazy. Characterization is good although skill is still working.

        I love the fact u point out he has chemistry with everyone he share screen, it make me realize even Harry is more alive with HJW.

        1. Oh keen keen eye! haha I totally missed the point HJW’s stepmom (and babysis?) r there at Zoe’s fashion show. tbh I didn’t even watch most of 1, 2 but the acting is so out of this world in 3 and that’s what’s piqued my interest.

          I think he’s shaky, a mad ball of energy like a puppy trying very hard to master a new trick, but he somehow convinced me he’s the character and those scenes he’s clunky r minor when he’s believable in the next, I guess. And I genuinely think he nails a few crucial scenes honorably, mostly by his hard work and some luck. I also can’t be too mean to him/JW because he’s awesomely natural in the scenes he shares with surrogate Mom and those happened to be the best written with a lot of care and tiny lovely touches poured in.

          I actually am frustrated the most with the writing of the Harry+Zoe relationship because I wanna see some of this natural loving dynamic, so genuine and believable without any doubt, romance or not romance btn 2 souls sharing an unique traumatizing bond. It seems absurd JW can be a son to SY Mom’s at first glance but she also offers a true insight into the whole ordeal: JW is as traumatized as SY and on top of it, he’s living under the most devastating unbearable guilt which SY is spared of. There must be a lot of time during the 14 years she thought SY is dead, yet JW is living breathing and suffering constantly still in front of her eyes. I do not really interpret what he did is ‘abandoning’ SY, it is fr the pov of SY of course, but he’s beyond scared, he’s witnessed the most horrifying act a 15 yo can ever witness, tortured physically himself and bleeding and he’s every intention to go off seeking help. HE said he did it out of cowardice, but is that the truth though or more guilt-speak?!

          1. I love your comment, yes this is beyond YC limit he is trying hard.
            HJW & SY mom is LOVE, they understand each other perfectly. Like JW know why she is crying watching TV at work hour in an instant. Whenever JW hurt little by Zoe torture, she know & ask like “whats wrong, did u hurt”. They are the 2 that got hurt most by accident, they perfectly understand each other now. I love the writer work here. I hope writer give more insight to Harry & Zoe.
            JW acting as 15 year old is totally understandable but from SY view is still ugly, she followed to save him & got raped & he left her. She still called him after & he didn’t come. I think this is first drama I feel sorry to both side of character, that is why I am watching Zoe torture HJW with no comment, I think he will understand her although it hurt.
            I am over curious that what is that vetran actress doing as cleaning lady, what can be her story.

            1. MTE! I also think there are very lovely touches on the Mom’Son’ relationship, I’ve heard writer’s forte is in family drama and it shows here, being the best scenes always from ep to ep. Even in 8, when we’re usu fed the Mom wailing for Son’s accusation and taking the blame as a noble idiot, SY’s Mom’s words are still very effective in illustrating her frame of mind (how she has all the reason to wanna murder rapist) and how genuinely concern she’s of JW, it’s not simply because he’s falsely accused and how he’ll shatter mentally with the SY traumatic baggage.

              I do get Zoe’s pov and her thinking, but how well she’s acting out of revenge is still not congruent with how broken she was last ep, that’s my only gripe. Same token I get where JW’s coming from, even though it seems insensitive shoving SY forcing her on a date, it seems very one-sided but this is not a rational person, he shouldn’t be, and if this is what he’s obsessing for 14 years, I’ll cut him some slacks.

              I’m sure she’s some spy/mole, maybe fr EvilDad? I hope she’s genuine in her apparent care for JW coz that’s what I’m getting from their scenes.

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