YH future projects

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Ohhhh, I'm actually exctied for MuLan now, I love the bold, simple styling, and PD seems so kickass.  I can't wait to see DunHuang in his vision!!  I hope there will be minimal CGIs, it's tiresome.
I doubt I'll care for Elanne as an actress, but BOY! she looks fierce in armor!!  And with dubbing, I can tolerate her line reading much better.  No wonder the red beans r teasing YH he is the true actress/damsel in the triumvirate.  kekeke

And Chen SiCheng is looking so manly and dashing in his General armor! ❤

Then our 'damsel' lolzzzz

His ZiaoYu will be a simpleton with a kind heart…may provide some needed comic relief at the war front.

Sina also posted a news article yesterday: http://ent.sina.com.cn/j/2011-11-02/10483466944.shtml  Famous playwritght/producer He Nian is already working towards a theater production of BBXJ and he's officially working with writer TongHua writing the script.  He's thinking of elaborating the story on Prince13 and 14, and had already contacted YH to reprise his role. YH stated he'll definitely consider it once there's a script for him to consider. They are all from SH Theatre Academy and I will pray and pray dearly this will materialize because Loverboy's major is theatre acting and is always itching to be on stage again.

So it looks quite likely Loverboy will be in the next writer 匪我思存(Fei Wo Si Cun)'s drama adaptation of her famous novel 寂寞空庭春欲晚 (Lonely Court in Late Spring).   He's worked with PD Tsang (who's behind so many TVB classics back in the heydays) in The Prince's Education, his very first leading role playing the young QianLong.  Here he may play the love rival of KangXi in the novel, the famous Qing poet 纳兰容若.  Loverboy has just quoted one of his famous poems in a weibo game of fav heartwretching poetry.  He would make a PERFECT 纳兰容若 who is in many ways very Prince13-esque.  I also love Tong Li Ya playing the heroine, she is my vote for most beautiful CN actress of her gen in periods and imo a competent actress. (YH+YaYa is one of my dream drama OTP!) Only thing preventing me from too excited is Hawick Lau as lead.  His style of acting is similar to the school of HXM: swarmy, constipated, prissy.  It'll be my hell watching him as KangXi.

And how lovely is this fanPS?! 

It's not much, just a bit of color tweaking on SS' dress and some embellishment.  I was awwwwing as is, and when Mun (YH's WuHan bestie) rebutted the HongShi joking the couple can use this exact pic at their wedding, he tweeted this is their actual engagement pic, and annointed himself the spiritual leader of the HongShi religious sect.  I can't stop my giggles.

I really don't know how they can be soo cute blushing and stealing glances being teased on SS' first ever kiss (with YH of coz) for all these godzillion times, all these years.  It never gets old for me.

22 thoughts on “YH future projects

  1. Oh my, he has to shave his head again? I’m fine with YH bald, but Hawick?!! Not a fan of Hawick at all – I MUCH prefer his dad Lau Dan, who was the most awesome and funny Hong Qigong ever.

    I still love my Nicky & YH bromance too bits. 😀

    1. O I ADORE Lau Dan!! I hate LoCH94 but still he’s awesome in that and the of course the classic 84.

      lolz clearly it’s just me head thinking too much, but don’t you think it’s super likely? meanie me is thinking this time around, there really is no way he’s NOT stealing show vs Hawick. And since I don’t care for Wallace and I’ve only seen him as the other popular poet Nalan on TV as I can recall, and imo he’s so bland in it. It’s a sure win even holding up to comparisons. I just pity him stuck in WD and bald hahaha he said he doesn’t mind as long as the character is interesting and appealing to him, I can’t see Nalan as not attractive to hell playing.

      Ahhh, I’m so immersed in the Nicky+YH bromance as well. haha I saw that caption of a HG interview out of nowhere being jealous commenting on the 3 Tigers and I still can’t stop laughing.

      I also hold the opinion like a bunch of red beans where I think HG is not as buddy and caring as he can be towards YH in their relationship, unlike the other way around.

        1. Seems like it! ^^ And I’m soooo happy for him. You know, he’s sooo good with his use of words in interviews, reading between the lines, we can tell working under TR’s management, he doesn’t feel free at all and things r handled by others not exactly how he wished them to be and forced on him (understatement) He’s so wise with his choices now that he’s off TR, first still joining BBJX as 13, it’s virtually fail proof for him. This is such a likeable character, a wuxia hero almost in a historical period piece and he nailed it across the board, even if BuBu was not as solidly great, he’s betting and I’m too his 13 will still be praised. Not even one word is uttered anywhere he didn’t do a fine job as 13, and that attracts him all the new fans and peeps started checking out his old works, I’ve been reading gushings on how good a job he did with his YangKang (Esp how peeps who used to love HG more, after watching, think YH did so much better in comparison), his YLX, his Qi JunZao, his young QianLong. It’s almost like an open secret he SHOULD have shot to fame with better management after ANY of those terrific turns but didn’t. I can’t help but relate to cases like WallaceChung or HawickLau, both of which r just great timing moving their work base back to CN then, and doing some roles that attracted a board fanbase, but frankly I dun see them talents matching the raves.

          And I dug out an interview on PD Tian and wow! I’m falling in love with him like Loverboy. He has vision and a passion. It must be sth to fanboy a PD, THEN getting a script fr said PD and really can join the project which the script touched him so. I’ve moved up Mulan as my #1 most anticipated YH project, taking the place of Ad Mania.

          And I dunno, I’m glad Brandcore is courting YH such and he seems like a kind old man, but more glad he’s not joining the management just coz Alan is brownnosing him.

          1. Oh, Wallace Chung definitely more than lives up to the raves. His Kangxi in DOMD had that imposing, regal feel which totally outshone HXM’s screaming banshee WXB. It’s Hawick whom I don’t see the big deal about looks-wise, presence-wise, acting-wise…I’d even put FSF ahead of Hawick in talent. Though I’m starting to feel FSF is getting over-rated now.

            1. I don’t see it in Wallace, he’s better than Hawick but not much, and he has such a huge fandom. I don’t notice Wallace being imposing/regal, most of the time I was shellshocked by HXM’s horrible perf, Wallace’s KX was like a faded wallflower I dun even notice, good or bad acting-wise, I honestly have no idea, I’m just bored by his screen presence. I hate everything about ZJZ’s DoMD. Hmmm, as far as JinYung’s DoMD’s KangXi, only the young Andy Lau had that right essence of youthful naivete mixed with brilliant shrewdness.

  2. Don’t know the characters much in Mulan besides Mulan and the general. So who is YH’s character? Like is his character going to get pretty good screen time? Is he like Mulan’s friend?? Just curious. Thx.

    1. Yes, exactly, his character ZiaoYu is Mulan’s best friend growing up. I’m not sure PD Tian will go the usual Guy1 Girl1 Guy2 construct, but he’s the Guy2 in that sense. I think he’s going to get great screen time, he’s been in DunHuang for 3 weeks and counting and will stay till Dec(?). Mulan’s story is a folklore legend, there is no historical text proving her existence other than in prose and an extremely well known poem that’s taught in all grades school in Chinese speaking communities. I have never heard of ZiaoYu in association with MuLan before.

  3. Yes, she’s a very productive PD!

    Have to admit I don’t like most of PD Zeng’s past Cdrama works, but they r all watchable. I’ll try to read Lonely Court in Late Spring just coz I haven’t read any FeiWoSiCun, but I’ve heard of my cousins raving about her much more and longer than TongHwa. I’ll see. I disliked to different degrees all the TV adaptations of her novels though, the productions usu reeked dated and second rated, but most of all I find many plots she used very cliched. haha I don’t like a lot of things ;P

    arghhhh…I really don’t like Li XiaoRan. I have problems with PD Zeng’s choice of many main actresses in her drama (eg YH’s OTP in
    ShangShuFang…@_@ ) I’m only seeing hope in Lonely Court because even though I hardly loved any PD Zeng’s latest Cdramas, she’s good as a PD in solid story telling and I really like Tong LiYa. I’ve madskill in pretending buggy things like Hawick doesn’t exist on my screen while watching.

  4. William REALLY loves Loverboy haha I love that he’s still friends with the BuBu cast.

    OT, I’m really interested in Chen SiCheng’s Beijing Love Story. I miss YangMi in sth decent. And I can’t be more ‘fed up’ with all the crappy ‘modern romance’ Cdramaland has been churning out.

  5. I’m totally ravaging your Yuan Hong tag right now. I discovered him via LOCH and you’re right: I think he totally outshone HG here! Partly due to the better script which sort of fleshed out YK’s role more, plus handled by such a shuai ge and awesome actor like YH. Frankly I was never a big fan of Chinese drama that much, but YH is so memorable I’m actually digging up all the old dramas indeed! Your blog is lovely btw.

    1. O Thanks!^^ I’m not huge on Cdramas as well, haha maybe hard to tell here by the amt of yelping I’ve done, frankly 99% r brainfarts.

      YH, I love him love him love him. Objectively the best dramas he’s been in r Tian Di Min Xin (textbook proper historical)and BuBuJingXin. He didn’t only outshine HG in LoCH, I only see him acting circles around ALL the Yang clan of shuai ges in Young Yang Clan (I’ve just rewatched his bits) *swooonnn*

      1. I’m trying to start on BBJX but I don’t know if I can stomach the other main ships LOL. Are there lots of sweet albeit “platonic” interactions between RX & 13rd prince here?

        Oh I love your brainfarts, especially when they’re about YH and/or HongShi.

        Frankly I don’t understand why YH isn’t big yet. I thought LOCH was his first major break but apparently not. It’s been quite a while since then right? It’s a pity he’s still playing second fiddle (or more like, fourth… thirteenth..) to other leads in dramas. Is he not idol material in cdrama industry? That baffles me a lot, since he’s HOT AS HALE, tall, SUPERB acting skills and a great personality to boot. He should be a megastar now if it were up to me!!

        1. Go WATCH Bubu! it slays me!!!! It’s the drama that affected me most across all dramalands in 2011. haha 13 and RX have quite a bit of hanky panky going on, it’s supposed to be platonic, but oh well, they r HongShi. ;) My gut is telling me if u can appreciate the YK/MNC parts of LoCH, BBJX will surprise you in how good it is in pulverizing ur heart. PD Li’s strength is fleshing out the characters in steady progression, his bigger picture may lack an eloquence but BBJX is not as fanfic as LoCH, it’s very true an adaptation to the well written novel, at parts better imo. You will end up feeling for and crying trucks of tears u don’t know u have in you for EVERY FREAKEN BREATHING THING in it.

          Thing is I think the massive rewrites in LoCH08 cut off a chunk of novel/Louis Cha purist and the drama itself got more jabs than praises. I don’t have a care for YK in the book he’s written more as a token baddie cipher and not given much character development. And imo they can only go so far humanizing YangKang and when the real shiz hit fan later on with all the crucial plots, his character starts to wobble a bit in convincing. I still think he’s hit every scene maybe exc the middling part where the writing is all over the place, but his end with NianChi made me a very leaky faucet.

          Why he’s not bigger is put very well by the talent/management mogul 王忠磊, founder of Huayi Brothers 华谊兄弟, in a recent TV interview. He mentioned YH in passing as one of a bunch of actors he’s keeping an eye on, in praises, saying he’s a piece of diamond in the rough like a lot of other talented artists lacking some major luck.

          But I think he’s trying to put it milder and subtler his management TangRen is doing him a disservice (understatement). I’ve been calling ladyboss of TR LadyBitch and I am being VERY nice and cordial. YH is loyal to a fault, he’s given NO WORK at all around LoCH, in part waiting and caring for HG’s recovery fr his tragic accident for a year. (LoCH started shooting in 2006, a yr break for HG’s recovery, didn’t complete till 2008) but since then he’s only got bit roles as TR is cash strapped and LB has the poorest taste and judgment ever. She allocated all resources towards promoting HG and nurturing LSS. I don’t fault her for making business decisions of who’s the hen laying gold eggs, BUT they should’ve let him go instead of absolutely wasting YEARS of his late 20s. And though YH is extremely loyal, u can tell he has a brilliant brain attached, he must’ve go against some moronic roles TR forced his way. LB is a sillyasstwat, she made empty promises publicly on weibo since LoCH saying she’ll give a leading role to YH in this or that,the only thing that’s close is Clothing the World, that drama is the shittiest PoS TangRen has EVER produced AND YH is only the lead by name, he had a whole 10 eps of ZERO screen time as General off some battlefield. NO amt of swearing in all the languages I can barely speak is enough.

          Then came BBJX, she’s publicly toyed in weibo YH was to play one of the leads and no retarded spinning will 13 fit ‘lead’ in the story, and when she got bigger names attached as in KevinCheng and Nicky, he’s immediately shoved aside, and she LIED it’s his decision to not take up the offer for a bigger role as he’s leaving !@#$%^&(*^&%^$%#$@!. She shiz with her mouth, that’s why.

          But I think his time to shine has come, he’s pitch perfect as 13. And the drama he’s working on now, Mulan, is extremely promising.

          lolz, I’m one longwinded chatterbox when it comes to Loverboy.

  6. Yo mookie!

    Did you see this PS on weibo? A Kevin Cheng-LSS shipper (you know, one of those ships that’ve been proliferating like mushrooms after rain since BBJX) did a great photoshop of KC walking down the aisle w/ SS on his arm, which had everyone oohing and ahhing. Then a fellow HongShi comrade comes along and delivers this smackdown:


    Has YH been confirmed for “Lonely Court in Late Spring” yet, or is it still a rumor at this point?

    1. *hug* is it you iheartcdramas, sweetie?!

      haha I swear I love the HS comrades at least as much as Loverboy himself. They r sucha bunch of witty talented loonies!!!! ^^

      But I’m still doing somersaults myself seeing YH tting that crazy pic of him looking like Consort9’s do in SS’s upcoming drama the little lions just did a fanart on. That’s so their style of doing the weibo flirting, subtle, brilliant, peek-a-boo but it’s blatantly there! hehe as we’ve always been saying, all the other shippers can get lost, because compared to HongShi’s loveydoveys, everything pales to nthness. I might as well ship her with ladyboss (which of coz I don’t have the heart to ever really associating SS with even if she’s a lesbian) if we’re basing it on any form of physical arming or closeness.

      He’s not confirmed, I guess it’s not written in gold, I bet it depends on when he’s done with Mulan and when the shooting commences for Lonely Court. but Hawick and Yaya r confirmed? At least their names have been in the drama’s baidu’s page for a while.

      1. Haha, no, I’m anon 2 from way back (remember our convos about Chenhuan Zhuan and which Louis Cha characters YH should play?), only I saw someone *else* also post as anonymous 2 under one of your posts, so now I’m all confused as to what I should call myself.

        I’m ailinon on the SPC forums, while Iheartcdramas posts as xiaolong. There, now we’re properly introduced. 🙂

        1. FINALLY! ^^
          hihi ailinon!!!! (haha I figured out Miss Xiaolong but I perfectly understand it’s not polite to blow covers) Ahhh all I need is more time to hang out at SPC forums.

          I have a feeling the team is seriously courting YH to play Nalan, even Mango’s William is still leaking here and there linking YH with anything Nalan. I haven’t started the book, but it seems like the character is not written as complete as should be. Miss scriptwriter has tweeted repeatedly she’s working towards filling in the character of Nalan (and she’s confirmed Nalan is not yet casted). I didn’t want to put my hopes too high (haha I don’t really have that high an expectation in anything Hawick is leading, sadly) but it seems like scriptwriter is the same one doing the just aired Hawick FWSC number?! ARGH, I’ve watched an ep and boy oh boy….I’ll be nice and just say it’s not my cup of peepee(hahaha)

          1. “Xiaolong” is actually Bruce Lee’s Chinese name and is the name of my first chinchilla whom I thought looks like a Little Dragon…to me that is. Heh!

            Heheh, I was reading about speculation over YH & Xie Wen Xuan on the Tianya forums. But on weibo, when a fan asked YH’s close homies (“chi huo”) whether we can take all those speculation about Ms Xie on Tianya as a load of nonsense, he said “Yes!”

            I’ve read good reviews about Sealed With A Kiss, but I’m too allergic to Hawick to fangirl it. Instead I’m sitting through all my backlog of Qing dramas. In contrast to dangermousie, I’m actually keen to see YH in more Qing dramas. I just feel he has a very keen grasp of the mood and sense of that particular era. I dare say his best acting has been in his Qing dramas?

            Great to read that Huayi founder Wang Zhong Lei 王中磊 is watching YH and our Little Xin’s careers.

            1. awwww that’s soooo cute! ^^ haha I forgot why I’m stuck with being called varieties of ‘wood’ in grade school, actually I’m nicked ‘小木子’ and mookie in eng. so it’s actually more like my real middle name almost.

              I trust my gut and I dont really see much of that YH/XWX ship haha but most of all I really don’t care, I don’t even care if HongShi is NOT really dating/married, coz they have that lovely relationship they have that’s above any label for us all to see, and it felt so genuine. They make me believe in L.O.V.E. whatever the kind it is they have, I want some haha like that old lady want that sandwich Sally is having at diner.

              Whatcha watching!?!?!

              It broke my heart a bit but also warmed it a bit seeing MrWang being a bit ‘saddened’ when he’s comment YH is one of those talented ‘diamond’ lacking the intangible Luck. I’m not really for YH to join such a huge management for fear of a lot of bureaucracy and lack of freedom for our RL13.

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