When it Rains, it Pours (or opposite of that)

Halloween was crashing at my friend’s watching horror movies I’ve seen many times before.   We are too lazy to dress up and aware,  life is not terribly exciting for us.  But who has the mood?

We watched The Shining and I suggested Tale of 2 Sisters after, because of the corridor twins.  It is the scene that gets to my bones, my college apt complex had an identical corridor I swear, and for the 2 wks after I’ve seen Shining I’ve only looked at my feet and a foot ahead of them as I tread and counted the exact steps till the door of my flat so as not to look where I’m going…ie the corridor.  And btw that was the first ‘date’ with my now Hubs, watching Shining @ Halloween.  He’s off on a trip, and I hate to drive back home alone  after watching not one, but TWO horror flicks.

It’s pouring.  I love rain, usually.   When I was little I referred to it as pitter-patter or pitty-patty.  I love the ring to the words very much and my favorite friend’s name was Pattie back then.   But last night, it was plundering and every drop hit the bottom of my friend’s gutter with a loud gusto.   I slept with their cat, or I should say I must’ve occupied her safe, happy spot in the entire house.  She snapped and the deafening pitter-patter is not helping her cranky.
So I didn’t get a wink.   My only luck is the late shift.   I’ve made some coffee for my friend and I, back in bed cozy, rain is down to a drizzle, she made me some french toasts and everything I need within my reach after a little nap.

The only inconvenience is I’m so wide awake and restless.

I’m up to date with Nice Guy, and I’m so absorbed in it.  It fascinates me, the acting, the directing, even with the writing, cliches, warts and all,  because when it hits it, nth is as brilliant.   I love the acting so much and oddly I’m feeling very hopeful for MaRu which I do not yet have a clearer mind to process other than calling it a premonition.   *I have not seen 16 and have no plans to yet, so don’t spoil!*  I’m not going to ponder more on predictions because so far, I like where the story is leading every step of the way…like as in #$@&*%$^!$$! OMG!!!  I do have a heart, and it feels pain even for fictional characters, still.  I hope I can sort out my disjointed thoughts…ok they are mostly feels and yelps of ZOMG! SO GOOD!!!…to make a sorta readable post about it.

But it drains me to the max as much as I find it sinfully delicious, esp after immersing in a novel that had already shred my heart to a thousand pieces.

I went on to read the news, and needless to say, I’m bawling.   I’m still hopelessly naive thinking with the prep and the evacuation, there won’t be so many victims and their stories are so heartbreaking. ;____;

I need hugs, but the cat still doesn’t like me. I need my safe, happy place ie HyunBinnie’s baidu bar…and saw these amazing fanart by a talented baiduer

Credit: Baidu HB Bar

And it hit me so hard  how much I miss MNIKSS and how long it’s been since I last revisited my dependable old chum.  And the good old days of being a ditz fangirling binnie to no end.  I’ve hidden it somewhere in the attic, put it in park, but now that we have 30 odd days left, it is giving me the nerves!  I think I maybe crazy enough to rewatch every freaken thing he’s done.

By now, I should know what the pattern my life usu abides by,  my bff posted the sweetest thing ever on our friendship, it’s too personal and intimate to share in entirety but it begins with:

A friendship that never fades:  When I was studying aboard, I had 3 roommates: J, E, M.  I had a whimsical idea if we ever set up a little stop, or a brand of our own, we’ll call it JEMS….

Yup, my faucets are ON! :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~) Nth productive or words coherent will come out of me for a while.

2 thoughts on “When it Rains, it Pours (or opposite of that)

    1. lolz hey I’m not a babbling idiot for nth! I need to live up to my reputation!

      I’m J. I didn’t know my bff had that cute thought in her though…haha but her side job is a published writer…and we’ve joked we should write a romance novel out of the 4 of us.

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