I Live in Cheong Dam Dong 10: When Tragedy Becomes Comedy

So much forward momentum, and not missing a beat serving the lols and awwws.  This is the episode I’ve grown fonder of so many characters after knowing more about them, I have firmly formed my OTP ship.  There is a new shipping I know it’s very wrong but I can’t help but WANT!

The Club ladies start the day gossiping about a neighbor’s cheating husband.  The wife burnt all his clothes while kicking him out and he’s begging her to spare one of his outfits in his boxer.  It is not funny for HJ, if they are in the exact same shoe, it’s not a matter to just laugh off.

MS has no time for lunch, he dashes to a nearby bungeobbang (red bean filled fish-shaped waffle) stall to grab a quick bite. Chef is buying all the freshly made bungeobbang there when JE calls her back to the restaurant.  JE doesn’t greet MS as enthusiastically as he’s waving at her.  Chef gives MS all her pastries, except one for herself.

SH and WH are laughing their heads off when HJ walks in all moody, worsening by the neglected mess around.    When WH tells her what they are laughing about, a drama with a cheating husband chased out of home, trapped inside his car, texting to get his car keys, HJ has enough.  She makes them shut it off and never watch it again.  She cuts WH to size: why he’s not getting his offense is because he has never been married.

MS stops by Piace to drop off some crispy bungeobbang, the way Chef likes it in care of JE.  JE can’t help but asks Chef when they have become so close.

At the kitchen table,  HJ chides adultery dramas used to be sad tragedies.  Even the women who were cheated upon would always end tragically. SH nods, they were proper cry-fests.  This generation is baffling to HJ, turning adultery into comedy.  BH shares her opinion perhaps people finds it funny.  HJ hollers at BH if she’s turning senile thinking there is remotely a chance anything is funny when cheated upon.  WH snerks it beats getting dumped.  BH promptly hits him squarely with her napkin.  HJ leaves the table without a word, her bad mood palpable.

WH asks BH if HJ was cheated on.  BH says according to HJ, the sky had fallen on her when she saw her then husband having coffee with the woman.  Down at the manhwabang, HJ recalls she later bought enough coffee so there was no need for him to go to coffee shops.   WH asks BH about the fallout, but they both know HJ is not one to get angry at crucial moment.  BH recalls HJ flipped when her husband came home with a smile, it went on through the night.  The woman came to explain herself, she was a real estate agent and the meeting was set up because HJ’s husband is looking for a good spot to buy a store.  ‘But why not meet at the realtor office instead of a coffee shop? Why acting so coy, shy, blushing and awkward if it’s just about a store?!’ frets HJ at the front desk.

HJ never finds out the truth whether he liked the woman or not, all BH knows is they did have coffee together.  WH chips in the guy’s point of view: no one would ever know.

SH adds, ‘There might be men who never cheat, but nobody cheats only once.‘  *I like SH and his sensible nuggets of wit!*  BH warns them not to mention a word with HJ on the subject, even if her husband is dead, HJ is not one to stop complaining.  WH winces in pain on the truth, he is robbed of Gone Without the Wind, the drama is just getting fun. SH tells BH it’s just great, on top of the crazy ratings.  He also solves WH’s dilemma, they can download and watch it on the phone.

SY and pals are sharing notes on dating spots.  SY suggests Myeongdong Cathedral, especially the sounds of solemnity at 6 am, an atmosphere like nowhere else.  The other guys ask JE for her opinion.  She has never been there on a date.  SY teases her she must have dated boors only taking her out on dinner and a movie.

The CDBB boys are dancing to the radio, interrupted constantly by news updates.  They ask Manager for a CD player, who is too entranced with his vision of BH to hear a word.

JE vexes over the fact she’s only dated boors.  She deserves better.  Rich Bum orders a ramyun from the menu.  JE says the menu is just for show.  Bum chuckles at his own joke of JE eating all the ramyun, gaining a tummy of some substantial weight.  Again, for the nth time, her mood swings up with a call from her Choi DaeChi.  SY is asking if she’s free.  She feigns nonchalance asking him where they are going, desperate the next moment looking for a sub to relief her.

Aunt tells JE Uncle and SH are busy hiding somewhere watching drama.  JE begs and strokes Aunt for help.  BH refuses, reminding JE their deal of taking turns.  JE hollers Mom for help while BH warns her Mom is not in the mood.  Aunt is right, HJ tells JE to get out of her face, JE threatens to leave the ship unmanned and still HJ is not budging.

Bum is JE’s last resort.  JE offers all-you-can-eat ramyun and all-you-can-read manhwas,  Bum asks if she’s paid in pasta instead of money at the restaurant.  *Heh, and I totally get a visual of HW nikkid in Pasta!*  The price is 5000 won per hour, and 5000 won per half hour after the 3 hours agreed upon, not negotiable.   He also demands a thank you from JE as she rushes to get ready.

Chef is at the clinic for skincare treatment, staring at MS’ tag at his door intently.  SY’s friend has an urgent patient.  Chef tells him it is okay, she can be treated by anyone else and MS it is.

MS immediately suggests surgeries starting from scratch, eyelids and nose would not cut it.  MS then assumes she must be here for their new liposuction procedure.  Chef has the acumen to get the misunderstanding because of her looks (so awesome!).

She is grateful for the bungeobbang, and likes to down it with a drink. MS half-assedly offers to buy her one to apologize but Chef insists on treating.

JE is out of breath dashing to the date.  SY teases her he’s about to leave, and wonders if she is dressed for jumping walls.  JE gasps there are gates for entry (if not locked), worrying about being caught by the cops.  SY chuckles if so they can head to the police station.  This makes no sense to JE, SY taunts they can just leave.  JE buys the tease, asking SY to prop her up.  SY makes fun of how heavy JE is.

It is truly a breathtaking scene,  JE takes note SY is a true player, this is a perfect spot for a kiss.

During the stroll, SY says you can tell if you are made for each other coming to these places, seeing if you share the same feelings.  JE asks what is SY feeling now.  SY says this is thousand year of history before his eyes, as if he’s hearing Empress Myeongseong’s laughter, seeing her skating.  JE is in disbelief, SY says you all react the same, not knowing the imperial physician back then was Canadian and there are records of her learning and falling on her behind.  JE is impressed, she has no idea Empress Myeongseong is so down-to-earth.

At the pojangmacha, Chef tells MS about her craving for the 2000 won sandwiches studying in France.  It is perfect with a drink, spicy chicken feet…and MS adds fish egg soup to which Chef’s eyes lights up with an order.  But her face dimmers when MS gets a call from his ‘Honey’. So, he is married.

MS confess his wife and kids are in US and he’s boarding at JE’s.  Chef blehhhh out loud her disappointment, but since she is Awesome, she suggests they become drinking buddies.  She doesn’t need to dress up, but MS bluntly says she needs to (because of her looks), but he also dresses up to the nines himself.

The memories of a cup of coffee which should mean nothing still haunts HJ.  She only asked him to not leave and to not die on her.  In her head, she is asking the question, ‘there is nothing between you and the woman, is it?  Say it isn’t so!  Say it is nothing!’

As they leave, SY advices JE to go out with more creative guys instead of the dinner and movie lot.  JE offers to buy him a drink for showing her something nice, but SY has to go.

Right after he drops her off, SY makes a Uturn picking up his next date in front of her eyes!    JE follows, so the ‘date’ with JE was a rehearsal.   The girl does not hesitate when SY asks if she trusts him jumping over the wall, JE marvels at how pro she is pretending to fall for it as opposed to her hesitation, and she should have worn a short skirt, too!

HJ sees Bum at the front desk, ‘working part-time’ he says, while her siblings and SH are having too much fun.  Manager catches the name of Kim BoHee being hollered, he repeats ‘BoHee’ fondly.  Too, fondly.

(I have to say I love HJ even more for what she is doing over dinner she has cooked for her family.  As a bigger sister, she is brutally honest about her inner securities, and shares it sternly with her dongsengs, teaching them proper life lessons no matter how grown up they are.)  Her husband had no lover, but she is already reacting as such.  She asks them to imagine how horrible it must feels to be really cheated on, preaching at them not to laugh at adultery.  Back in the day, she never laughs at these matters.   WH and SH shakes profusely in unison when she asks them if she is getting too old.

You never know what could happen in life…so lets stop laughing like a bunch of demented twats, shall we?

The 2 stooges nod earnestly at her quote of the day.  Only when HJ starts eating do they dare dig in their too salty soup.

The SY’s date with the short skirt lady has an added diamond necklace hanging from the tree.  JE peeks on, furious.  She calls SY and he is not answering.  She gets a call from Bum instead, telling her 3 hours is almost up.

JE shoots them with a flashlight, pretending she is a guard and they giggly run off.  A security guard, whom the flashlight belongs to, catches JE.

Bottles of soju later, MS asks Chef, his Nunim/big sister, why do beautiful people still come to him for surgeries, what is wrong with them.  Chef endures another innocent jab, saying if she was pretty, she would know.  She tells him the pros in having an ugly woman as a drinking buddy, no strange assuming looks from passerby. MS says that is sad.  Chef passes out, MS calls her JeongMin-sshi, trying to wake her up.

Bum can’t wait to see JE *heh*.  She is half an hour late.  It is 20,000 won, and he wants 10,000 bills.  He catches her lousy mood, and the twig in her hair.   He teases her she must have gone orange picking in the mountains.  Jokes aside, when she grumbles a ‘bastard’, he hesitates and lets off an amused smile before leaving.

A Piggyback ride!  MS tries to call JE for Chef JM’s address, she does not answer.  The acquaintances he bumps into assume JM is a nurse from work and MS is being nice carrying her when others were gone.

In her Dear Diary, HJ writes:

Looking back,  I’ve thankfully managed to avert great difficulties more than once.  To women, these difficulties involve men.  To men, women.  Who ever plans to tall in love, or leave someone?  Especially when it’s something that’s already come, or gone?  You are at your wits’ end when it comes to love, after all. It is not something you really wished for or are eager to go through.   That is probably why they call it a crush. It’s something you can’t control.  I can get to this age and still not understand whether it was love, or not.  But you do know that it is replaced by a sense of sadness, that you certainly do.  And the only way to avoid those winds of sadness is to love and cherish what you have now.

JM wakes up in a strange place.  The bathroom has a chopping board and a bloodied knife!  How did she end up in a place like this, she freaks out, feeling if all her organs are intact. On her way out, she’s spooked some more by WH, knocking him on the floor as she runs for her life!

Seriously how awesome and perfect when every lol in the episode titled when Tragedy Meets Comedy is mixed with a small snag at my heart.  It takes a truly cool and awesome lady such as Chef to brave the constant whiplash of the society’s sickly obsession of obscene beauty *and yeah I ship her with the married MS just on this ep alone*.  As I chuckle of all the teasing and bickering of JE +SY/HW, we get HJ’s heart-tugging backstory with her husband, the complicated angsty feelings we can relate to in life, of the falling, the crushing, the yearning of that certain someeone owning our hearts.

4 thoughts on “I Live in Cheong Dam Dong 10: When Tragedy Becomes Comedy

  1. “And the only way to avoid those winds of sadness is to love and cherish what you have now.”

    How true, that. I love the little life lessions and bits of worldly widom this show dishes out at regular intervals. Amidst all the aaawww and lolzy.

    I can’t believe I’m almost done with this drama. It’s been sort of a constant in my life for so long now. I guess I have to start from the beginning again as well once I get to ep 170….

    1. I’ve rewatched the few 10 or so eps many times, but now I’m in the territory of episodes I’ve not seen for months and GOSH it like fresh perfection all over again, only now I know before clicking it’s pure awesome, and it’s even better with that expectation!!!! There are passing scenes of gold i’ve missed in my rushed marathon and now I can sit down and savor.

      haha frankly CDDA got my attention in the first place because of CDD. I’m quite allergic to PSH’s Jean Thierry Cha whatshisname and that alone would’ve kept me away even with MGY

  2. thanks, i wish you can recap the rest of the episodes, but i think its too much. hehe but i really love Hyun Woo and Ji Eun here.

    1. I sincerely love EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER as much here. haha I wanna pick a favorite but this is the only precious thing I can not.

      I may recap some more haha but I’m lazy but most horrible of all I can’t find the drive I saved all my ILIDCC dls. *SOBZZ*

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