Jang Ok Jung 12

Oh, what to do with you drama?!  You have dashed my hopes to be anything good with one definitive episode, and now there are rare intermittent scenes reminiscing your old self.

Then, just when I’m watching you, relatively calm and detached for self-preservation, with only one furrowed brow most of the time, writersshi you decided you couldn’t hold your TAE in.   *TAE has nothing to do with the lovely KTH, think opposite, some form of total, massive explosion of the very unsavory bio kind*

There is KTH, back to GOOD when the script is not of stinky diarrhea, which is not often.  It is now more than obvious writer can not write political intrigue, we all let her slide in the early staging, and she is lovely writing the layered shoujo romance.  I was one happy camper, it made sense to focus on building up one sweeping romance early on, tbh I was looking forward to it more from the standpoint it would up the ante, make the fallout that much more delicious, with some key tangents to come, giving the story and more importantly these characters a believable milieu to breath in.  That was one fine Act1, it fooled me to think of more meaty stuff to come.  Alas, it will never EVER materialize.  But poor TaeHee, she will forever have a place in my cruel heart for the at times effective effort, she, of all the peeps here, is elevating the crap.  Don’t bulge your eyes the old TaeHee way, cause I have done it all drama long in utter most pleasant SHOCK! because of her.  We’ve seen her being effective in My Princess, that character makes sense in that silly little drama, here it’s also very apparent when OJ is following what KTH can grasp of the characterization, bam! one effective scene is served, but comes lines so stupid, so contrived for her smart brain, she lost her marbles, actually she could be communicating and expressing said scene most effectively to us, by breaking the fourth wall and desperately bulging her eyes to us as if saying, ‘I don’t get any of this shit either, guys’.  And to my surprise, really one of the biggest surprise this drama has yet to offer, because after the ep11 fallout, I honestly can’t imagine anything savageable.  I do not even know why I clicked 12.  Somehow KTH is still on, she is still scrambling with whatever logic and understanding of the character and delivering it at best she can.  What redeemed her character somewhat in 12 is at least she’s putting Lee Soon’s well being the bigger picture in the equation, and those crazy evil glaring has been toned down, she should befriend IH, however fakely, even when she’s scheming to bring down the mama and the Mins. She has lines making some sense I can slightly nod to, and I can buy her speeches as effective getting her out of the situation, holding her own, fighting her battles with the verve, but also a hint of scary brilliant control like the OJ we knew.  There were scenes I thought she’s lovely, awesome in, even if it’s one of the worst scene in the episode I need to watch mute and cringed till my eyes hurt.

I myself have witnessed ahjummas in some wet market grabbing hairs, screaming I WILL TEAR YOUR HEAD OFF EVIL B*TCH, while they were really attempting it, but other than a few chunks of hair out of place, no head was really off, no real consequence.  It may start out as both of them fighting over a dead chicken.  Nobody really cares but our eyes are glued to the bizarre.   Same thing is happening whenever the queenmothermama appears in this drama.  She is reduced to harping the same silly lines over and over again.  Ma’am, you hate her enough to skin her for reason unknown even to you I bet other than her as token of your good son’s first defiance against MamaDearest, or you want to eat her up for your political gains, but unless ur voice is some dark witchcraft (maybe she has…), just the shouting of those exact thoughts would not make a body of pretty flesh magically disappear in front of your eyes.

Confession:  No, I did not deliberately cap godzillamama doing scaryfaces, I swear these are just random a frame every second. Yes, for a scene of few minutes, there were 80+ caps.  ALL nightmare inducing.  Oh, the deep ends I go for snark.

See, if you are gonna be a screechy public embarrassment ahjumma, learn your ropes.   You are not even as effective as them bickering over a dead chicken at the market.  Lets analyze their plan of attack, at least they have hair already scrunched in their hands to materialize their threats BEFORE their shrieks.  And furthermore, while they have their hands full on the aggressive of their assaults, they do not accuse the other ahjumma of violating decorum and oh the greatest sin of messing up an ahjumma’s hair by yelling WHY ARE YOU HERE? WHY ARE YOU TEARING AT MY HAIR?  But our QMmama has to spit all the derogatory terms oh so imaginable from the noblefolks in front of ALL THE SERVANTS let alone a revered QueenMama.  Hey, but writer never said she’s revered, BUT HEY you are the FREAKEN MOTHER OF THE KINGGG, THE SKY AND THE EARTH! Look at how the fresh queen InHyun, the daughter of a yangban, and I assume social ladder-wise is below royalty, right? Her voice has calibrated where it will NEVER EVER hit half your decibel.  Then there is something called sweet veiled stabs like glittering showers of prettiest venomous needles esp when from those teary sparkling eyes and pretty smiling lips of KTH’s OJ.  We do not expect godzilla to know more vocabulary than you wicked witch, evil b8tch, YOU WOMAN I HATE YOU I HATE WOMAN. YOU. HATEEEE. HOW DAREEEE YOU, DARE.  RAWWWRRAWWWRRRRRR GRRRRGRRRRRRRRGRRRRAWWRR *My deepest sympathy towards fansubbers having to pause at her every line, peruse every word she caterwauls this very scene.* Oh and the servants, still present, AND THEN after taking one breath to recoup her hoarsed out shrieking a little, and be at her most empathetic giving a kind break to our ears, she then accuses King of lack of DECORUM: not in front of the servants, YO!

Exhibit A: I have never seen pooping and falling back on own freshest poop so effectively presented in a drama, 2 episodes, one scene.  Note: YAI’s ‘Oh STINKYYYYY’ face. InHyun’s OHSHEEEETTT faces and even one pleading for help from the ‘Nope. NonononoNope.’ OkJunh.

This is why Mama is so scary to me,  the more I watch her, the more I turn into her facetwin…THIS is the face of me whenever she’s on.   She held this face for 3 seconds, I held mine for half the episode.

I’m not sure if this is a good read on YAI as an actor, but this is my opinion: he is naturally charming and quite talented, but he doesn’t have half the heart in this as a less capable TaeHee once shithitfan script-wise.  It’s like he will only care enough to cruise along because he thinks he’s too good for this crap.  Yes, his character suffers from the writing, Lee Soon is now an entitled manchild with a fried brain filled with nothing but hormones, but he really is doing nothing for me in even the simple romantic scenes these 2 episodes.  Sigh, then there was this very glaring booboo showing the massive re-editing, re-writing, live shot at play, when he said he’s holding her hand this time entering into her chambers unlike last time he carried her, we were all griping bedding scene was missing all the cohesive touches, most of us saw the bts and can patch in what we’re missing, but when drama proper is reminding us again.  Not Cool.

When I jumped to another risible scene, still GODZILLAMAMA.  I may have nightmares.

It is not like the story is boring. I was curious what can OJ come up with to expose the baddies to the king?  Some interesting scheming should be involved, right?! No, I am wrong, just like that..THAT?!  Every word is shouted out by the guilty party out in the open just so convenient ears of the king is there squarely to hear it.  HOW CONVENIENT… what was conveyed was not exactly silly,  have OJ use her brains to coerce an admission out of Mama and have King hear about it first hand, but the timing, the situation, the circumstance, all wrong.   There was no design, no transition, it was so crudely executed and slammed in my face. I refuse to take the abuse.

15 thoughts on “Jang Ok Jung 12

  1. Oh dear. I was sort of dreading Show might go full on screechy makjang at some point and sure as hell it did. What a disappoinment, it was doing so well up till ep 11. Guess they decided to throw all decorum and the original script out of the window in order to try to gain more viewers. Seems to be working by what I’ve heard.

    I had no expectations of this show and thus was pleasantly surprised by all the good buzz I’ve been hearing so I’m kinda miffed at this turn of events. Good thing I haven’t really started watching JOJ yet (stll stuck in ep 2) as I have a serious allergy to makjang. I really can’t stand the stuff and it’s almost a sure way to make me give a drama as wide berth as possible. Oh well, guess I’ll be picking up Cruel Palace instead….

    I like YAI but he IS rather uneven as an actor. He still lacks proper dicipline and has this unfortunate tendency to start coasting if he looses interest in the story and is not kept in check by the PD. Sounds like that is what’s happening here. Also, Boy really needs to learn how to choose his projects, at least when it comes to dramas.

    So, what’s the final verdict? Or have you not decided yet?

    1. I’m not sure if I’m THIS allergic to screechy makjang (I would stay away if it’s screaming makjang) until now. T___T It is just the writing get so bizarrely sloppy in 11, characterization got flushed down the drains for the plot to move along and the plot is really not that brilliant to sacrifice so much for. I’m still reeling from the disappointment. The drama peaked at 8, it truly was wonderful at least an 8/10 at times 9/10 and getting better by the episode since ep1. I am fine with a few episodes of coasting, but not a completely different beast filled with characters I can no longer recognize. 12 was better, there are these most silly moments but at least KTH’s JOJ has some semblance to the old heroine I cared about. I will stick by, probably till the end and watch it when I have time….but love is gone.

      You put my opinion of YAI better than I could. As charming and with glimpses of awesome, I guess if I can sense his interest is not here, I also cease to care. Maybe it is a bit of him being too aware of his own talent?

      1. I think you are right, YAI is at times too aware of himself as an actor. I seem to recall he has admitted that himself. He is actually a pretty smart kid so I really wonder about his lack of smarts when it comes to choosing dramas. He must know that he gets bored if the project is not challenging or interesting enough. And he definitely needs a PD who doesn’t let him get away with phoning in his parts. YAI is so damned charming that he can use that as a convenient shield to shift notice from the fact that part of him has already checked out.

  2. I’m skipping this since I’m still on episode 6 but I didn’t have much hope for it be consistently good, tbh. It’s like Princess’ Man, some meh parts, especially when it comes to politics and some side characters but really, really good with the romance and the OTP.

    1. If I were you I would stick till e8 if you have the time. The romance was developed so lovely by then.

      I stopped PM at ep4, I’m just quite allergic to PSH all along before the whatever even though he’s at his least bugging there recent years.

      1. Frankly the queen mother actress is killing the show to me. In the first few episode I could careless about the actress acting and sometimes I found her good, now her overacting is just grating -_-
        She just kills the drama to me.
        About YAI you are right. I love him as an actor and he had been awesome till ep 10 but lately I feel nothing. I guess he could careless about the new writting. In my view he is best when he talks politics with prince DP or JH and minister Min

        As I said before KTH is the biggest surprise to me in this show and my respect for her as an actress keep growing. OJ grabs situation to her advantage because she is a survivor (but I guess she can’t survive less LS betrayal ?)

        About the writting I also think ratings grabing played a part on it

        I still love JH actor and character and HSH as IH is very effective too. And the drama instrumental soundtrack is great and I love it. So I keep watching. But that’s true the feeling is not the same like the first ten episode.

        Did you like episode 12 better than ep 11 ?

        1. Yes, I think 12 is better than 11, at least there are decent parts and if I take the QM out of it, there are moments making some sense and the characters are still cohesive enough. BUT the QM parts are so batshxtcrazy makjang I can’t really deal with it.

          I can see him in a light that he is quite cool to care less when the script is just not up to his standard, I kind of want him to stay critical of the material he’s working at, and I bet when he signed on the project, I’m assuming with a few episodes of script, this looks AWESOME, so I can’t really fault him for picking sth just to cruise by, he’s not, this is a fantastic challenging choice, too bad so much is pulling it apart. I also think it’s brownnosing the ratings at play, making the writer, who we now realize is really not as talented to scramble ad hoc, it feels so truncated. And when the romance was built all along so intricately so plausibly with such a steady pace all along and you suddenly throw in a scene like the one in 11 when it’s so fabricated and manipulative to serve a lowbrow plot progression, it just shattered the romance, it’s just not the same, it’s not the same magical beast when these characters are no longer behaving as their former self, esp Lee Soon. Because now I do not see his brilliance, he’s still doing a lot of politicking with the ministers but he suddenly comes across as a whiny bratty child, even when what he’s asking for has its merits, the way he approach it is so ignorant and tactless. That is not the LS OkJung fell for and risk it all to desire. And it almost make OJ’s love for LS less winning, because without the irresistable charisma, I wonder if OJ’s love is as pure or if it’s for her own agenda now. Because we saw her capable of cunning scheming, I’m not saying i hate it, I do think for survival and after what she’s been put through, if she choose to be ruthless and manipulative, it’s still logical, but it changes their relationships…and even that I’m fine, IF it’s handled with much better transition.

          It is like I can go along with what the writer is trying to move the plot to, BUT how she did it is so abhorrently clumsy and she really does not have the skills to work in the makjang convincingly. I can get QMmama disliking OJ, but how she acts upon that and her lines are so bizarre and lowbrow.

          1. I heard the writer is a first timer and she is the author of the chin lit the drama is based on. So I can’t help but thinking sbs managers meddled in to improve ratings…

            1. First timer is no excuse, the politicking has been the weak link thus far, it hasn’t been too intriguing content wise and very simplified, most of the time Minister Min is difficult for the sake of it, too tactlessly working only on his faction’s agenda, losing my respect as a worthy opposition, which was ok earlier on, but now there is no authentic tension at all but just bickering of nonono vs yesyesyes in the court.

        1. It does not cancel the fact it peaked at 8… I word it as I expected it to slack a few eps but it stayed good, sadly just for 2 eps. in my posts on 9, 10, I made it a point to say it’s not perfect haha and I raved because it has things to rave about and that is separate from whether the episode is as good as 8. They are not, and it did not matter as long as it stayed the course.

          In other words, if 9 is like an 11, I would still be a rant monster but that won’t be too much a surprise as we’re been through too many dramas to count, not able to keep up the momentum. You do not serve me 2 decent episodes after a terrific one just to go bonkers, seriously unraveling to the point 11, 12 do not belong in the same discussion as the previous 10 eps.

  3. ” writersshi you decided you couldn’t hold your TAE in. *TAE has nothing to do with the lovely KTH, think opposite, some form of total, massive explosion of the very unsavory bio kind*”

    ehhmm may i asked you what is TAE mean ?? sorry for my ignorance, but i really blank of it 😀

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