Hua Qian Gu/ The Journey Of Flower Surprising Trailer

IT is dubbed in ENGLISH and it looks decent when I am expecting very crappy aesthetics and hilariously silly CGIs.  I am not joking, this looks very decent.  So Pleasantly surprised I am.

[All pics and gifs from weibo thanks to the original posters! :)]

Not a fan of the genre of fantasy wuxia myself (just have not come across a novel singing to my mind exactly my tune), but I have skimmed this and noted the ‘glorious’ angst fest and some very kinky arcs, if that’s your thing.   The trailer is clearly emphasizing on that.  I am a new fan of ZLY from the watchable though nothing to write home about few eps I saw of ShanShan Comes to Eat, she truly has blossomed into a young actress that is very natural on screen, even though she may be limited in her niche, she can play a fresh faced ingenue amazingly well.  I can not think of anyone else in the industry as befitting as she is with the idol popularity being a ratings magnet.   Clearly I am also a new, very shallow fan of WH, he is a decent actor, up many many notches in my book from terrible pretty himbo, but I still do not think he is as natural as can be on screen, he is impressing me as being very good in some crucial emotional scenes, then kind of cruising by doing his own posing pretty WH thing in transition… this is still squarely an idolperiod, as long as he looks the part and delivers being very swoonworthy all the right moments so all is well.  I was on the fence in checking this out prior because I have no faith in the production company Ciwen (I love HXY the novel more than HQG but they are doing a much crappier job on that one, let alone it is still not hopeful it will get an air date soon… lesigh), wasn’t yet a fan of ZLY and not a loony enough fangirl of WH to watch him in everything and anything, but these 3 mins swayed me.  Good job trailer, that is what you should do!

imo the dubbing is weird, it sounds amateurish but it’s understandable as the production company has warned us this is a very very early teaser, they are still working on the enormous amount of CGI required and a better one will be out in October at the Cannes TV festival.  My suggestion to them is to forget about the english dubbing entirely, just subbing is good enough.  I prefer the Chinese trailer:


^Frankly, I never thought this scene from the novel (Master is poisoned and turns vampire on Lil Flower needing her blood she is very willing to offer and kinky romping follows…) would make the cut passing the censors.  O__O

The scenery is quite breathtaking.  I still insist there is too much makeup on WH and JX in particular, aging them and somehow WH’s face is looking a bit bloated near his jaw line which I have never seen before, perhaps this is just not the best period hairdo on him.  This is nitpicking, no one should be complaining about his casting, he has the perfect aura tackling this role he almost can sleepwalk through this.  His eyes are still gorgeous, but yeah, I’ve seen him looking much more drop dead gorgeous.  Same goes with JiangXin, this heavyhanded makeup is aging her tremendously especially next to ZLY when she is so not in RL.   The only stab is the miscast of the Pretty Sister/Pretty Guy obsessed with Lil Flower Sha Qian Mo.   Just not cool nor half pretty enough no piling on of makeup can do.

18 thoughts on “Hua Qian Gu/ The Journey Of Flower Surprising Trailer

    1. I’d rather they not, and they need to find much better voice actors if they insist. Trailer is way better than my expectation, not saying the CGI is perfect but it meshes quite seamlessly in scene.

  1. Wudddddd? Vampire W? I’m all there.
    This hairstyle doesn’t highlight his jawline.
    It could be due to him gaining weight for Doctress
    then filming HQG right after it. Doesn’t have
    enough time to slim down though I read
    he was on a corn&egg diet to play Bai Zi Hua

      1. Hahaha…Took the words right out of my mouth! Yes, he looks bloated, pale, ghostly, sleepy looking (maybe that’s how the character supposed to look like?). But even if he’s supposed to look like that, I KNOW he could look better with better make-up. IMO, he looks terrible in this series. It hurts just watching him in the trailer…hmmm.

        1. The character is poisoned and generally has an offputting air. Think Mr Rochester as a demigod/fairy-in-training. WH is a rare beast where he really is so out of this world beautiful he looks unreal on screen even w/o makeup through the years… and when they use some for the role, it seems 畫蛇添足

  2. Haha I’m the opposite as you. I’ve recently become a big fan of both WH and ZLY so I was ecstatic when I heard they were doing a fantasy wuxia together. The earlier promo pics looked really beautiful. Yeah, not loving this look for Wallace. After seeing the trailer, I’m now on the fence with this one. I haven’t done a search on the book so this is my first glimpse into the story. Hmm I don’t think it’s my cup of tea, but I’ll prob still check it out for my lovelies.

    1. I glimpsed through the book already and it is not my cuppa at all,so I’ve braced myself this will be far from perfect, but the trailer is much better than I expected quality wise. I was not even going to bother thinking this would be an onslaught of very gaudy ugliness, but surprisingly nothing too buggy on my eyes. That is all I can ask, I was expecting MUCH less from CiWen.

        1. Why would you!?!?!? There would of course be a Mandarin version. I doubt they would release a dubbed drama in entirety considering how cost ineffective it would be. They r just doing an aggresive job w the teaser for the Intl buyers, which took me by surprise already, never seen this done b4

  3. The story of Hua Qian Gu doesn’t seem to my cup of tea too. Well, I struggled through CP3 just to watch Wallace. Guess I will do so here too. Hopefully, the special effects are better in HQG. It was duh in CP3.

    1. I watched the CP3 WH+TY cut only and I actually liked it angst and horrible CGI and all, at least it makes enough sense in the construct and white tofu is just too clueless and cute. CiWen has the $$$$ and they r claiming they r hiring a spiffy overseas team to work on the CGI this is just rough touches…but it’s already better than 99% of the C wuxias I’ve seen.

      His BZH here though…is not as easily charming, there are a few occasions I thought he is down right cruel to heroine…and heroine is again quite typical MarySue imo. I wonder what attracts WH to the role exactly, perhaps the challenge of all the bottled up angst, but as far as portraying a human being detached from sinful contraptions or as they put it 禁慾/ascetic he did that as well as any working C period pretty actor could with his ChangQing.

  4. i know
    i agree with every word
    CGI and scenery and costumes are like movie quality
    i think they also put too much makeup on ZhaoLiYing lol, but that’s only for like the first part of the teaser, so i don’t think its gonna be that bad

    dang it too much dramas on my plate for next year
    Nirvana in Fire
    Hua Qian Gu
    All Quiet in Beijing
    Hua Xu Yin
    and 盗墓笔记 just for the genre lol, the series is also rumoured to have a film crew doing production since 欢瑞 is affiliated with 光线

    gosh dang it TangRen and Yumama better step up their game look at all dis competition lol, the blandness that was LSS’s 明妃传 is actually looking really sad now, i thought it was just mediocre but now looking at all this lineup, its looking below average. Especially Tangren better step up their game for Qin’s Moon since the cartoon has such great publicity already, they better make it or break it since ppl won’t accept another craptastic work that was BBJQ or Xuan Yuan Sword

    1. But 歡瑞&光线 are both just tuhao in the industry to make fast bucks, their taste lvl and artistry r craptastic to be kind. I haven’t read 盗墓 but i will and being v nosy been following the casting dramaz and fr the frustrated tone of 南派三叔 in his webchat yesterday, I’m not optimistic, there is just too much at play to hope for the best fit for all the roles when major backers will insert their idols no matter what.

      Seriously yumama stepping up game?! The game of…pooping?! XD crap is crap He is a cancer of the industry. I cant stand TR stuff either, gone is any heart left and they weren’t really known for top notch production ever in their best works putting their all in, that lotus pond in BBJX was crappy 20 yrs ago. And Qin’s Moon will be the bookend of yuma’s CondorHobos in the cesspits, u really can not be more pathetic casting Michelle Chen as a period fantasy heroine, i am not being mean but she is not leading lady material, extremely limited by her modern girl next door short and chubby physique in a period and frankly she looks 30ish even when she wont stop her cutesy in rl. Period is not her forte, she has very limited, forgetable skills, QM is disaster in making.

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