Our Princes, Kings and Queens

Wow, a whole happy storm of interesting happenings!  I’m so out of touch with all the BuBu gang aside from Loverboy, but why is everyone suddenly appearing on my dash?

It was just a day or two ago when the official news of Loverboy is picked as the leading man (founding emperor of Later Han Liu Xiu) in an anticipated popular novel adaptation by Ruby Lin’s production company (and of course starring the ladyboss as the leading lady empress Yin LiHua herself) and today, they have the ceremony marking the official start of filming with the press widely covering the event.  It’s not even an industry secret Ruby has eyes on Loverboy playing her on screen OTP for the better of 3 years+, they were even snapped having dinner by a rare nice CN paparrazzi writeup in 2010.  As with ALL Cdrama adaptation of popular novels, the drill is to throw every casting rumor on the wall and let the fanwars kick start.  Wallace Chung’s fans want Wallace to be Liu Xiu,  Jimmy Lin’s fans think he’s most befitting, and another forerunner Luo Jin’s fans have been jabbing Loverboy left and right since the drama has its official leading man, heartbroken their bias is not cast as this dreamy dashing young king.  I can understand their rage, Luo Jin’s most famous roles have all been well known Han emperors (Liu Bang, his son and successor Liu Ying in one of Ruby’s most famous work Schemes of A Beauty, then the last emperor of Western Han Liu Xie, ruling under the very tight leash of ‘puppeteer’ Cao Cao.)  Of course, there is the other end where fans of the novel is cringing Ruby is too old for the heroine empress.   I haven’t wholeheartedly cared for anything Ruby has done under her production company, it’s been mindnumbing shallow MarySue romances with a collection of mostly truly gorgeous man-vases.  Loverboy missed the chance to work with Ruby, ‘thanks’ to TR’s ladyB’s meddling, or else he would be her OTP in Schemes of A Beauty.  The role went to Sammul Chan, who was so bland.   Schemes of A Beauty was already the better of the copycats following its surprising success, who knows what Loverboy can do with that role of a handsome, young, good king?!  And knowing the aftermath of how it’s shot the then up and coming actors like YangMi, Sammul, Luo Jin and scene stealing Wang LiKun to bigger better things, I could only imagine what a game changer it would be for Loverboy circa 2010.  Then when Ruby’s Qing Shi Huang Fei was in production,  she wanted YH to be one of her himbos, Ruby got Wallace Huo and Yan Kuan, but just take a pause and think of the catatonia from gorgeousness brought upon if YH is also added on that roster?!  Again TR could not ‘fit’ it in his schedule.  IF you have been following Loverboy for a while, he’s done 1/3 of his workload in the years since LoCH(2006) till BBJX, that is 4+ years, than he did in the year after changing management, what schedule are we talking about now?!?! Fate had him playing a guy4/5 Prince13, and nailing it, rest is history, but a leading role in a mega-talk-of-town-hit, and its followup (even though it’s nothing but pretty faces walking around) beats the exposure of a supporting side character of a popular shoujo almost 2 years later any time (and what major time wasted *lesigh*).

Finally.  They have been chummy on weibo for a while, and Loverboy has publicly playfully flirted (haha brownnosed) Ruby whenever he could, he’s not one to deny being around and working with a gorgeous lady for sure.  More importantly he is the undisputed leading man in this drama.  The chance of it to be seriously awesome is very slim, but Ruby has her clout, and this reads better than her usual himbo roles, I can trust Loverboy he can do this accession of the well-loved young king sleepwalking, how many times has he played real historical dashing princes and kings now and more so fictional variations of them princes?!  He’s made a decent career out of doing nothing but them.  I can trust him to elevate the material and possibly the best chemistry Ruby has ever shared with her leading man.  They are so cute at the ceremony already:

Lolz, oh my loverderp, if you are going to wear a see-through white tee, go train yourself half the muscle mass of your TWcutie Eddie…and never steal undergarments from your grandpapa.

* I c a nip*

The drama is 长歌行 Zhang Ge Xing, based on the novel  秀麗江山 (‘beautiful’ country; a wordplay on Liu Xiu 劉/Han emperor GuangWu, founder of the Later/East Han dynasty and his empress Yin LiHua 陰華) I have not read the novel, which is of another time traveling heroine, this time to a pivotal time for House of Han.  The drama will skip the whole time traveling shenanigans *PHEW*.  I do not know if the title 长歌行 has anything to do with the poem/song from 漢樂府 (Music Ensemble of Han), on time and tide wait for no man.   Wind is the characterization of Liu Xiu is quite a dreamboat, he is considered one of the capable and kind Han king, and of course in the novel, Gorgeous.  Empress Yin was a renowned beauty, quoted in later prose and writing as the yardstick of attractiveness.   The drama will be 55+ episode, with an extended cast, there will be a tangent on the brotherhood of the 28 YunTai Generals 雲台二十八將, spinning folklore, they are the keepers of the 28 mansions (constellations) reincarnated on earth.  So there is hope this may not be just the good old *yawwnnnnzz* chickflick.  Imo Ruby and YH look lovely together and they have already had a warmup of playing husband and wife in their cameos for Young Detective Dee.   I do not mind Ruby if she’s allowed to stay within the box of what she can do, yes it’s typecasting but at this point of her career (and considering her limited abilities), be grateful to have a niche at sth she’s pleasantly ok in, and be content with it. The major quibble I have with Ruby is she needs to stop playing teenage princess.  She looks younger than her age and still pretty, but when she’s forcing it playing a 16 year old, she would always try too hard and be insufferable.  If they are serious, they must use young actors, that goes for Loverboy, too.

Moving on, too bad he can’t attend the press junket for the movie with Simon Yam and Ying Er today, because he can just walk out with this outfit and hair and SLAY ME!

This is how he looks in the movie playing a cop.  The movie is renamed 制服/A Chilling Cosplay.  Again, hope of this watchable if you are not a fangirl of anyone in it:  nil.

*he’s not wearing anything inside that jacket, and he is sooo skinny and I must be slightly blind thinking if I get my hands on this pic in HQ, I’ll make it my wallie because this is just toooooo damn gorgeous.

Or it’s the black wall doing things to me:

Loverboy also did a livechat Q&A for the TianYa forum (he’s voted one of the 4 new beauties of TianYa), charming everyone’s socks off with his shameless sharp-tongued funneh.

Some of his best one liners (tbh, every answer is GOLD) :

我用赞我者昌,黑我者天必诛之的心态看。 My stance on the matter is: those who like me will prosper, those who don’t…will be obliterated by the wrath of Heaven! -YH on how he regards reading praises or jabbing on public forums like Tianya.

‘你那么美、你那么美、你那么美、你那么美美美美〜’的旋律在脑海中反复回荡。 (fr LeeHom’s Mei) ‘You are so beautiful, you are so beautiful, you are so beautiful, you are so be-beau-beau-ti-ful~’ keeps ringing in my head.  -on what’s going on in his mind after learning he’s ‘won’ the title of the new 4 beauties.  *<________<*

我比较接受狂、拽、酷、炫、屌之类的形容词…… I’d much prefer crazysmexycoolsparklingBAMF – on if he’s against being called ‘beautiful’.

DNA. -on what is his most beautiful body part.  *lemme just reference DNA is 基因 in chinese, 基, the character alone = gay; 因= reason/cause.*  I’m pretty sure Loverboy is doing a clever double entendre here, coming out of his silly closet.  *I KID!!!!*

不担心,大不了演个现代美男吓死你们。 I’m not worried, worst comes to worst I could try out a role as a modern handsome man and scare you ALL! – on whether he’s worried he would be labeled as a period-pretty only.

美丽可爱认真敬业真诚。 BeautifulCuteSeriousProfessionalGenuine -on his opinion on ShiShi as his fans seems to like them together a lot.

特别过瘾。欣姐演戏太赞了,完全带着我入戏,把我刺激的一愣一愣的,虐惨了。  Extremely fun. bigsisXin is such a terrific actress, she leads me into every emotion, I was beyond tantalized, and traumatized. – On his thoughts on working with JiangXin ie our ‘Consort Hua’ in Hua Xu Yin ie the drama I NEED LIKE NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

肥肉吃多了嫌腻,瘦肉吃多了嫌柴。最好综合着来。 Too much fatty stuff is greasy, too much lean meat is like chewing twigs, the best is to serve ’em all mixed up – On whether he prefers pudgy ladies in RL as his cameo in Longmen Express is paired up with the cute and chubby babe.

I really need to see this Q&A if there is a vid.  I hope at least he would have a moment like this:

Totaly adorable and cute but embarrassed with his own shenanigans, in need of a hole to hide in.

I’ve just read a rumor I’m totally going to will it away by ignoring: the YZ production for 寂寞空庭春欲晚/Lonely Spring Court/Night of the Spring is defrosting.  I can’t wait to see Tong LiYa and Loverboy (playing the dreamy poet Nalan romancing on my screen, I get the tingles just imagining the pretty.  But alas we have Hawick as emperor KangXi (I’m so terribly allergic to him particularly his mouth while linereading -__________-) and it never ends well fighting for a lady with the king.  But it’s 2 pretties against 1, I can persevere.  BUT Yuan ShanShan is now slated for girl2, hence the ‘OTP’ of YH.  Again, I refuse to accept this fkingFunk.  YuZit, I’ll come quash you in person, I WILL!

Speaking of ShiShi, she is busy filming 犀利仁師/ Incisive Great Teacher with Nicky in WenDian along with Prince 10 Ye ZuXin.  This is the third time the trio is working together:

They held a presscon the exact day as the ceremony for Beautiful Country at Elephant Mt.  The same quip I have with Ruby applies to Nicky even more.  Stop the obsession of younging yourself up!  Yes, you look 10 years younger than your age, but if a 30yo Ye ZuXin is spotting an age and period appropriate hair, and yours have modern bangs! or I’ll let it slide is of a young adult barely legal. ‘Tis wrong.  I love how ShiShi is looking though, there is a glow and twinkle in her eyes,  I bet is attacking a role she likes in an outfit she would’ve handpicked if she’s living in that period. imo she has a very different aura than her early days playing gentile damsels, her best fit of a role is actually her Yan San Niang in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, ie closer to her RL persona and this is like she’s revamping that role!   The chance of this being watchable for me is nah.  This is from Nicky’s production and everything they have produced are, to put it politely… filth flarn filth flarn filth, because what the funk is 古裝校園勵志懸疑喜劇 (period-school-motivational-mystery-comedy) Synopsis reads as though GTO, Queen’s Classroom, Detective Dee had a threesome an they breed a bizarro offspring with a big side of silly ( HAHAHA and now, somehow I kinda wanna check it out for the crazy, plus if this is not taking itself too seriously and it’s slapstick mindless funny, totally up my alley) I am again odd in not really feeling too hot of innate chemistry between Nicky and ShiShi in BBJX,  I ship the characters but it’s not because of their decent (imo not terrific) job.  It was nothing terribly magical sparks-a-flying for me.  The true test of whether they are brimming with that elusive IT is with BuBuJingQing, and this bickering lovehate duo here.  If they do, then all the dating rumors sparking some ugly fanwar are at least ‘deserving’ somewhat even though I am the captain obvious in saying this has been TR’s fav ad tool since the sun started setting in the West.

But Prince 10 is still strong and ridiculously adorbs with his RL OTP Consort Hua Jiang Xin:

D’awwwww!  Story is Ye’s fans @JX on him laying a hand on his drama OTP GuiGui’s shoulder, JX then pouts @Ye on weibo haha to which Ye says JX’s skin is so dewy and glowing today along with a whole slew of the cutest emoticon giving her a red flower and a smooch.  Again Hua XuYin, the DRAMA I NEED NOWWWWW, a little part of which is I can not wait for all the RL cuteness btw the pair and our meddling cuteImp 13.

Prince 9, the gorgeous Han Dong is also very busy popping up here and there.  I think out of all the princes, he’s been most steadily working and I bet there must at least be a channel showing sth he’s in 24/7 in some parts of China.  His first drama leading role 爱情悠悠药草香/ The War of Beauties just started showing  *seriously can we stop using ‘war’ and ‘beauty’ these poor tired words in lazy combos for titles now?!*  He’s playing a rich boy with many wives, and the wifeys fight, or as we call it, ‘not touching with a 10 ft pole’.  He’s an appearance in King LanLing and it prompted a hilarious mashing of KLL and Swordsman (and also an outburst of Y HanDong is not KLL instead?!  Y ANYONE is not KLL instead of FSF?!?!? To vent, many fans of the most pretty General in CN history have pitched in their dreamcast That include my HyunBinnie on the list and often Li JunKi, but if this is the OTP, I would soooo watch:

Although the life of King LanLing has been quite safe from the abuse of crappy dramatization (it’s long been considered impossible to cast someone so insanely beautiful he’s said to be prettier than any lady walking the earth then, AND macho a forbidden cut-throat war machine), but there are many RPGs and his fangirls have been churning out worthy gorgeous creations of him.  So there is a general census of his appearance, in my head, he’s somewhat like the above fanart, ie nothing like what’s served.  Or obviously this:

And when a drama makes yumama’s Swordsman looks good, that is a sure-in for the crown of my most shiteous shit.  I can’t stand much of anything in it myself, sitting through just the warm spring scene, that includes Ariel and her too modern line reading and her OTTing when emoting and how brainless her character stuck with lines not making an iota of sense.  Peeps are somehow watching and touching it with or without the 10 ft pole as all setting the bar even lower PoS will certainly attract eyeballs in cdramaland.

I just read a passing rumor Han Dong will be in some Duke of Mt Deer remake (not sure if it’s just silly game endorsement again or drama or webdrama or webmovie or just a commercial) but he would be Wei Xiao Bao!!!! ME LIKEY!   He’s of course too pretty if being absolutely authentic, but from what I caught him doing in Swordsman, he could nail a charming pervy scoundrel with sparkles and fireworks!

Prince 14 Lin GengXin/Kenny Lin is off to play in movieland.   To say I’m surprised how far he’s moved up just with a supporting role in BBJX is an understatement.  To have a role, however tiny in a popcorn franchise that is not going to go away, Xin-chan, you have my vote of yum! in this overload of gorgeous! And maybe the best acting job of the bunch as well.  Not that you can pay me to sit through this.

What’s more interesting to me is his upcoming pure romance movie with Zhou DongYu, I have a bias with the young lady, she is like a breath of fresh air.  I’ve seen a bootleg copy of Gong the movie, she and ChenXiao (who is playing Prince13, yeah) joined hands in elevating the crap that is Yumama’s writing.  They are so precious in it wading through the WTF.

I do not know what this is for:


imo 14, does not have the pretty for a serious period handsome boy, it’s more to do with his facial features not the refined perfection required under the scrutinizing, unforgiving lens of a decent historical, ie the same gripe I had with Ariel and FSF.  But to make yourself a household name in Cdramaland, you must show your face in a period.  He’s much more charismatic in a suit (D’uuhhh) for instance, even with questionable hair.  I’m too lazy to factcheck, is he rumored to be in the drama adapt of To Our Youth that is Fading Away?  This could be for Tiny Times drama (again is he in it?) but the hair is so 90s or earlier.

So this begs the question:  what is our Prince8 Kevin up to other than Hua XuYin?  I think he’s going to release an album?!  *I’m so out of loop*

16 thoughts on “Our Princes, Kings and Queens

  1. Thank you for all the updates. After I read abt your LB’s new drama, I got so excited that I went to search for the novel immediately. My oh my, 4 volumes of reading. No thank you, I’ll wait for the drama instead. I read some pretty good reviews on the novel except I think the female lead, Ruby’s character is not that well-liked. I wonder how closely the drama will follow the book, minus the time-travelling part. I am eager to feast my eyes on the costume which I know you gonna post plenty later with your LB in all kinds of silly poses, lol.

    1. I have no idea it’s 4 vol lonnnggg! O___O Ohwells, I may still read it, I much prefer reading the source matl first…if it’s good maybe I can savage some love for the drama. Knowing Ruby’s production and its usual focus…it would probably make a mess out of all the plotty parts I care and vamp up all the shoujo, but without a well thought out story threading it all together cohesively.
      And I will bet my head on it Ruby will recreate her character into her usual innocent little rabbit marysue. All I care is this is Liu Xiu will have sth for Loverboy to do, I do not care if drama is meh, beggars cant be choosers. If this will gain him exposure better things will come.

      1. If you do read it, pls post a summary on your blog:) I think the book should be pretty decent from the reviews I read plus the fan-made MVs. YH is also in the MVs but I don’t think as the leading male. There are quite a number of males & I don’t know who is who:( Seems that the novel focus is on the female lead. I read that Ruby spent 2 years adapting the novel & will stick close to history. So, what is the point of adapting the novel? Might as well write your own screenplay according to history. I don’t know anything abt Chinese history except watching TVB ancient drama. Has this king been featured in any of the drama? If yes, which one? According to history, is he a good ruler & good ending? How does this Liu Xiu relate to Liu Fu Ling in Yun Zhong Ge?

        1. I hope it’s good so I can spazz about it, of course! ^^
          Nah, Ruby et al can say sticking close to history just to stoke and brownnose SARFT, but from the tiny stuff I’ve heard about Empress Yin, it doesnt seem close.
          I don’t think I’ve seen any drama depicting Liu Xiu, haha I was quite allergic to TVB/C/TW dramas. I still do. It is not as ‘easy’ to do a drama adapt on Han because it is more dicey with SARFT as you know, afterall it’s the whole Han Chinese dominancy. Yes, if adhering close to history he is a very decisive, wise, composed and kind King, and making his mark with accomplishments quite young, in love with his empress till his end (and vice versa, she’s a loyal competent queen to her king). He’s considered perhaps the only emperor in all of Chinese history with a masterful understanding and strict practitioner of Confucius ideals. He’s quite widely praised through the ages, Cao Zhi (the sweet literati son of CaoCao) and Zhuge Liang said nice things about him. And even modern times reformist savant, the seminal Liang Qichao honored him with several admiring historical commentaries.

          Most adapted emperor of Han would be Emperor Wu (think Genghis Khan of Yuan), and it is under his rule we have Huo QuBing, Wei Qing. Han Wu Da Di is on my top Cdrama list. Huang XiaoMing also made his name first playing the young Emperor Wu in Da Han Tian Zi but the highlight was Chen DaoMing as the court imp.

          So Liu Fuling was Emperor Wu’s son/successor, he ruled in mid Western Han, then after a rebellion, the house of Han disintegrated, by then numbered in the thousands of offsprings scattered all over the state, and in all walks of life. Liu Xiu’s family was quite remote and very destitute by then when Liu Xiu’s more ambitious brother eyed on the throne, but died young…leading to Liu Xiu ascension and founding of Eastern Han dynasty. House of Han ruled for another ~200 years till another outbreak of rebellions giving rise to the three kingdoms.

          1. Thank you very much for History 101 lesson. I need sometime to digest them & maybe do a mini timeline at the weekend. It shall be interesting since there has been no drama on Liu Xiu & his queen. They don’t need to follow history strictly, just don’t change the impt bits as I need my entertainment also. I don’t wanna end up watching a boring historical drama that put me to sleep:P

            I know all about the Qing dynasty so I am kind of allergic to them now, lol. The only other kings I know is the founder of the Qin dynasty, Liu Bang and the useless last king of the Ming dynasty, all from watching drama, haha…

            1. I don’t know what they would do to the historical figures in the ‘time-traveling’ romance novel, but my guess is this is too ‘proper’ a king to make a Cdrama out of. But if we add all those generals helping him establishing the country, it would be too epic an endeavor. We’ll see.

  2. Sigh. I’m not sure why Chinese dramas keep presenting this awful dilemma : Either they have a pretty/talented cast/with the plot to the dogs, or they present to us a pretty drama with no plot (either way, the viewers don’t win). None of Shi Shi’s recent works have excited me tbh, but I’m hoping her drama with Nicky will be a addictive mess.
    I hope Ruby’s drama with YH will be decent tbh, haven’t read the book because of time travel (blergh), but even if the characterisations aren’t that appealing you can always count on Ruby Lin to cast good looking guys.

    1. Awful dilemma indeed! tbh, I haven’t seen a Cdrama, catering for the younger crowd and having decent writing. I blame the taste level of the audience, they care about the pretty more, then how their pretty’s character is swoonworthy, the writing has very low a care at the bottom of barrel. And if the production honchos can sense they can cut the corner, why not?! I seriously doubt if there are decent scriptwriters working on idoldramas at all. The only exception of the norm maybe Longmen Express, where it’s written and produced by the famous scriptwriter himself. It lost a lot of steam where I’m at in the ep 20s but at least I can see some thought put into the writing.
      That is why I am not grumbling about YH attached to a Ruby’s drama…yup it’s never going to be brain-engaging awesome, but at least I trust her aesthetics (from the press, all the guys around the leading pair looks good!) and as far as nonsensical plots, there are way worst out there every way I look. But I would still wish on less warts on his characterization, seems like the book did a great job making LX very swoonworthy and they only need to pull that straight off the pages, one can hope.

  3. mookie, thank you for the updates and CN history lessons 🙂 i’m not a chinese myself but its so interesting read the history i’m know nothing about it in the first place (thanks to you!!) and mixed it up with the fangirling to my love Loverboy 🙂 i’m so gonna wait this drama along with Hua Xu Yin 😀

    1. You’re so welcome sweetie! I’m not well read in history at all, growing up a science/math nerd, but this young King garnered nothing but utmost praises from historians and fangirls. As dreamy as we think Loverboy is and befitting this role, he has his share of naysayers because this Han King is just so adorednthrough the ages. It should be fun to see if he can tone his badboycharm wayy down for this Confucius pious ruler.

  4. To: Mookie Hyun

    Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong make a really good couple in this Chinese drama, Xiu Li Jiang ShanChang Ge Xing. Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong are an excellent and perfect match for onscreen pairing in this 2014 Chinese drama. The pairing of this beautiful Chinese Asian woman, Ruby Lin and this Chinese actor, Yuan Hong was done correctly and is not a bit weird at all, you do not need to worry about that.

    The chances for this Chinese drama to be seriously awesome are not slim. The chances for this Chinese drama to be awesome are good and not slim as you have indicated, MookieHyun.

    1. I worry what I wanna worry. This is my blog tyvm. I rant what I wanna, I praise what I wanna. Do not even try to patronize me.

      This drama is not out yet, I have watched the trailer that was out. I can judge all I want, you have no basis the drama proper is going to be awesome and based on my experience watching fr Ruby’s production company, the script can be horrifically terrible wasting all the talents on screen and I am critical of all elements I watched as I am entitled to, after I have spent time with it, that is why we have a word for it: criticism.

  5. To: Mookie Hyun re: Night of the Spring (2013)

    Also, in another Chinese drama, “Night of the Spring” 2013, which I have not yet watched, please do not try to ruin the show when you incorrectly indicate you MookieHyun “can’t stand much of it yourself” and that shows up on internet search results. This lovely Chinese drama, Ji Mo Kong Ting Chun Yu Wan (Night of the Spring) which is based on the Qing dynasty looks promising and would be a nice period drama to watch.

    If you or somebody else wants to incorrectly badmouth “Night of the Spring 2013, you can do that with some of your friends in your private life (do that outside of your website and not in written format for readers or visitors) . Your MookieHyun website is supposed to be promoting Chinese Asian actors and/or actresses and Chinese cultural values etc. You are incorrect when or if you were talking about this “Night of the Spring” when you ranted “I can’t stand much if it (your) self”.

    1. Night of the Spring has since been shelved. It is no longer in any active preproduction.

      If my opinion can ruin anything, the show is not worth it to begin with.

      Badmouthing has no truth to it but I have seen the rumored lead actor attached WHILE this was still rumored in the pipeline and Hawick is not on my book in good enough an actor to carry this role. I have read the original novel as well and the writer, again, not my cuppa.

      Again, this is my blog, click that little red cross on it if you do not want to read. Do not in freak’s sake tell me what I have to do or not because chances are…I would tell you to get the hell off my turf.

      Tyvm for dropping a slew of trolling essays I had fun reading how bizarre the world is for entitled peeps to feel the right to tell me (and even my friends, muahahaha) what I should do in our private lives…it’s too hilarious. Thanks for the laugh at least.

      I do not promote anything here, and I certainly am not pigeonheaded enough to only praise a certain bunch of actors/actresses just because they are from a certain turf some not even worth my time. It’s alright to feel the ouch.

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