Rooftop Prince pimping for LV diehards

Oh my precious~!  How I’ve missed ya~!

Long Vacation is my first ever dramacrack, it was a back to back to back to back addiction lasting weeks in college.   A guy got me an identical bouncy sparkling emerald ball, told me he drove several trips across the border to finally get it at a gashapon.  I believed him, was a smitten girl.  I still have it somewhere, the glitter is almost all gone, so horrible of me I can’t even rem the face of the boy.  I did throw it fr the top of my stairs when I moved in and found it sorting through stuff just to see if it’ll still bounce, it fell way short of my reach, not that I had ever caught it the LV way.  I rem shuffling through the moving boxes, care for nth but find my LV and marathon away.

Now and again, I will have my moments of wanting to do nth but veg and rewatch Long Vacation.  There are always random triggers that tug my heartstrings oh so similar, sounding off a resonance, things starting to tingle like that first ever flailing over a drama converting me into the addict I am today.

I should be packing for vacay and my laundry is not even sorted to be washed.   There r only 2 things, none constructive, I wanna do: rewatch the 6002only RP12 cut, or dig out my LV dvd.  Rooftop Prince, I would never have thought u could ever be a life-ruiner.  It started out being the best fit: I have no capacity to go intensely rabid.  It’s cute, but nth of a commitment. It’s not crack but animal crackers I can mindlessly snack on.  The right drama at the right time.  Then sth hits me at end of 5.

She looks like a time-traveled lunatic, flopping herself at his doorstep, of all apts in Tokyo, she has to barge in Sena Hidetoshi’s
He is a time-traveler she’s sure a cuckoo, and hollered in his face out of ALL the apts in Seoul, he has to land in hers.

They love their fav beverages. No one can watch LV without craving cold beer.  And I can’t be the only one reaching for a yakult watching RP.

She cosplays in a bunny suit, He is Mr. panda.

MYYUTAKA!!!! He’s my forever bias even in LV, his character is nicked ‘beast/animal/scumbag’ in my Csubs just because he’s a player. What’s a guy to do with THIS?  I wouldn’t hesitate to call the rt guy those names and more

The heroines heartachingly saw their OTP with the other woman fr their happening rooftop.

stray kitten moments.

Basketball is chicken soup for the broken heart.

Swallowed sth they shouldn’t (or should?)

Grumpy drivers

She asks, ‘wanna kiss?’  She plants one on him without asking in the name of mouth to mouth resuscitation

He misses her, he misses her, he misses her and he misses her.

Shocked!face when girl owning their hearts appears in flesh, not figment of imagination

Playing with fireworks.  Rooftop Princey can only play with his own side profile.

Poor princey!  It’s a given though fireworks lead to hot grabby kiss sooner…or later

This is why LV is one of my fav of the favs…fireworks->kisses-> skinship. ie fireworks fireworks and more fireworks.  Natural progression all in one glorious night.  Approve!!!  RP just has one swoony OTP night as well, just much much much more PG.

Dumb and dumber (or cute and cuter), I expect the next one to be more grabbity. See example on left (I’m talking to you Miss Han!)

I’m just inserting a matchy pic here, I won’t settle for anything less RP!!!!

I spent longer than I should digging or making the caps, all the while having a lightbulb moment:  Move over YamaPi, PYC is the true torchbearer for KimuTaku. Of course the DBSK boys are real singers/dancers as opposed to the SMAP ojisans, but I prefer actorPYC.  He’s reminding me of the young KT, green but oozing his unique brand of explosive national idol lvl of charisma.  He may never get in the ranks of the true thespians, just like KT, but he has the closest make up of a KimuTaku nobody is coming close, down to a shrewdness in picking projects. KT’s best work to date is Sora Kara imo, and PYC is showing me in RP12 he has IT to nail an angstier darker meaty role.

[All LV caps r fr, I made some of the RP caps, the rest have credits on pix/gifs.]

4 thoughts on “Rooftop Prince pimping for LV diehards

  1. Nice parallels. I might have to queue up LV for another rewatch now… These shows make me waver between a single home with a deck for beer drinking summer nights ala Hotatu no Hikari or a condo with a balcony for fireworks ala LV >_

    1. GAHHHH whenever it’s the first hit of summer I wanna watch me some BuCHOU~!

      lolz, that palace princey built in RP can squeeze in the HotaruBuchou deck no prob.

  2. Ahhhhhhh, the caps are so glorious!! I had MAJOR second-lead syndrome with LV, thank god the heroine is Yutaka’s sister, otherwise I’d be throwing stuff to the screen (pick himmmmmm!).

    1. Minami can have Sena, I only have eyes for Yutaka. And that’s y Takako’s Ryoko is a huge pain of an annoying mopey. What’s the fuss?! You have your hands on YUTAKA woman, geezzz!!!
      Oh Shinji and his very questionable taste, but then he has enough pretty to share with his ladies and more.

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