Upcoming C periods 2013/14

I hope these scripts are decent, because there is no way I can peel my eyes off.   I’m not greedy, nor being impossible.   I am not asking for the writing to be superb, because as the Cdrama productions have been hammering in the point,  they won’t bother when they have these peeps (some uber A-listers) sashaying and would be making $$$$$$$ out of it anyway.  Making a lot of business sense, they are. :/   These are what I call some truly gorgeous actors with serviceable to OOHLALA talent gracing my screen.  Interest is very piqued.  Very.

[credit on pics and gifs, thanks to OP at weibo]

Red Sorghum

Filming will start 9/17.  PD is 郑晓龙 Zheng Xiao Long (Zhen Huan Zhuan. Golden Marriage, Beijinger in New York).  His best works have been novel adaptations.   I’m quite sure there will be a lot of alterations to get by the censors.  What shocked me most are the very unlikely leads attached:

Zhu YaWen is quite a versatile steady performer in hit after ‘leitmotif’ Cdrama hit.  His breakout was 闯关东, 2008 CCTV’s ‘new year big production drama’ /开年大戏, back when the tag still denoted something of a certain quality.  But this would probably be an all eye on ZhouXun’s show, she is the bona fide A-lister, has not done a drama in 11(!)  years, reprising GongLi’s star making and arguably still her most memorable role.   Both of them are not screaming the ‘grandmama’ and ‘grandpapa’ described through the lens of the grandkid in the 1986 novel by Mo Yan.   At least the pixie pint-size Zhou is almost at the opposite of the spectrum as far as aura on screen is concerned, from the every pore oozing raw earthy smex Gong Li.  Zhu is only 28, and already very promising,  has nothing of the BAMFness of a boorish Jiang Wen.  However, somehow, from the above side by side alone, they look comfortably convincing as a couple.  PD Zheng is putting the much anticipated 羋月傳 (Legend of Mi Yue ?) on hold.  Sun Li is rumored to be on board, perhaps Jiang Xin too, PD Zheng is trying to harp on he will get the cast of Zhen Huan back (tbh I would be sold on Sun Li and Jiang Xin alone) on this revisionary historical fiction of the greatgrandmother of Qin Zhi Huang, born a Chu royalty, ruled Qin State for 36 years as Empress Dowager.  If you’ve watched Qin Empire, she would be a consort of Prince Ying Si, daughter in law of Duke Xiao.

Maestro Zhang YiMou himself is attached as ‘a member of the team of directors’ to the tumultuous production going on for 4 years plus now, Yang GuoFei.  If not for the pics marking the start of filming September 1, I would never believe there is any truth to this:

Fan BingBing and Leon Lai will be Yang GuoFei, Imperial Consort Yang and her Emperor Xuanzhong of Tang.  This is not the first time she has starred as Consort Yang, one of the 4 great historical beauties, she was in a 2007 CCTV drama Tang Paradise with Winston Chao (<3) as the emperor, Tang Ming Huang.  FBB is nowhere near the best actress out there, but boy is this a perfect casting for one of the Greatest Beauty!

If you are like me, a very shamelessly shallow fan of Fan BingBing, there is more in store!

The movie is 画框女人/ Lady in a Frame (?). This is a Franco-Sino production, PD is Charles de Meaux, story is of the cliched imperial catfight variety.  FBB is Empress Ulanara wife of Qing emperor QianLong, successor of our ‘busiest’ emperor in Cdramaland, YongZheng.  They have previously collaborated in the director/producer’s 2011 movie on jockeys, Macau and the mafia underworld in Stretch.

Rumor of Tong LiYa joining the production (primary filming has already wrapped up) is probably very fake, but just the mention of Tong LiYa got me berserk in the best way!  Fan BingBing  and Tong LiYa are easily the prettiest C period faces walking.  And Tony LiYa should be in every decently produced C periods, period!  Watching them biting each other’s beautiful face off would’ve been the prettiest sick crack.

秀丽江山之长歌行/Chang Ge Xing

Of all the C producers of fluffy turds, Ladyboss Ruby Lin is the one churning out things that are brimming with truly, genuinely dazzlingly gorgeous young men.  I have no rant on the manrem in all the dramas under her production, even Mickey He, a permanent member of nostril thespians (my eternal allergy), is tolerable and at times quite charismatic as a convincing general in Schemes of the Beauty (the only watchable thing by writer/producer/douche/troll yu zheng).  I have not seen most of these guys attached act but I’m in shock and awe…Good freaking job Ruby!  Some fine eyes and taste you have, perhaps your greatest talent and contribution to the industry.   How on earth did Ruby manage to cast nothing but gorgeous GORGEOUS men for EVERY single male character?!  These may not be memorable faces but I’ve stared at them long and hard and I can not find a fault nor anything buggy in any of them gorgeous faces.  Oh, if you didn’t know, btw my Loverboy is the lead in this.  This is a sweeping angsty historical romance, or so I have heard, the OTP is a bit saintly which could have a chance to annoy me.  YH has a hit rate of 99.99% spot on chemistry with his drama costars, men, women, horses, doggies, so as long as Ruby is not overtaxing herself on the cutesy, nor playing any teenager princess, I’m confident they would be a lovely OTP.  The only extra thing I wish and pray is please Ladyboss Ruby, your eyes are famous for being naturally round and large and gorgeous you have never a need of circle lens, can you please ban the use of the fuggiest eye torturing devices?!  You can out-smize them all and I can stop thinking they are all aliens for fear of my Loverboy being abducted by them.

Let me list the pretty men:

  • Yuan Hong – Liu Xiu, future Emperor Guangwu of Han
  • Kenny Kwan – Deng Yu, trusted right hand man of Emperor Guangwu.  I have not touched the novel, but he should have some hanky panky with Empress Yin.
  • Li Jia Hang – Feng Yi, The Big Tree General, one of the legendary YunTai 28 Generals, RL Saint Seiya with CN constellations named after them.  Seems like he’s a sentimental favorite of author, known for his reserved, restrained, reticent presence.  Author preferred him in a white bookish robe than the loud, formidable general oufit in the still.
  • Wang Yu  – Yin Shi, one of Empress Yin LiHua’s brothers
  • Qin Jun Jie – Deng Feng (鄧奉).  Interesting character,  I haven’t read the book but I would not be surprised if the young dashing hottie was written as having a crush on/affair with Empress Yin.  He was honored as 破虏将军 after a string of victories under his leadership, but after witnessing some unsavory brutality towards the commoners by the soldiers under the command of Wu Han (one of the YunTai 28 Generals), he started a revolt against the Han house.
  • Mao Xi Jun – Yin Xing, Empress Yin LiHua’s brother from the same mother.  Mao is under Ruby’s management hence a regular in Ruby’s production.   Why he has not graduated to more prominent roles in her productions beats me because all you need as a pretty actor in a Ruby’s production is be pretty and he’s Fine!

Usually it is a free for all to jab when these official stills are out.  9 out of 10 times they are hideous or so regrettably PS’d you can’t even recognize them actors.  Not here.  Not saying this is wowing me, but they all look pleasing to my eyes, perhaps by comparison… call it the wrath of yuma and his comrades.  Can you believe this is the same costume designer as RoCH?!?!?!  I have yet to come across ONE horrible word uttered about them from the snarky to the point of cruel C netizens.   The worst was this is nothing new, we’ve seen this exact look on Ruby for last decade.  I don’t mind not changing things when it’s not broken.  And who have the time to care when we have this much distracting gorgeousness happening?!  All in all a very pleasantly surprising rare feat.

YH’s nick on set, coined by Ruby is 秀儿 Xiu-er,  but leave it to my impish Loverboy to give himself the English version: Shower (show-er).

His notty fangirls have already translated every possible way Shower can be translated eg 淋浴器 (the implement to get drenched and bathe and cleanse with)

Again, I have not read the novel, but there is no word of confidence like from the original author 李歆lixin herself.  She seems like a sharp-tongued feisty lady at weibo, batty about an outfit here or a gesture there, BUT she said in black and white how both the literati and fighting general looks for her 秀儿 are beyond her imagination pleasantly surprisingly awesome.   *HAPPY DANCE*

When my Loverboy is obviously being a cute goob to the point Ruby has to tell the kiddo to stop the clingy pestering…it makes my day.

Ruby: Will this do?! [可爱][可爱]

YH: Will do!

Ruby:  I am not asking you! 

He is posting very pretty selfies on top of giving himself new cute nick, one can’t possibly ask for more:


Ruby replies: Get Lost! Wash up and take your rest!  What is the point of flaunting the Cute [挖鼻屎]

*GASP* This is how you rock a pauper Cperiod fluffy pretty boy look, use plain fabrics, it doesn’t matter if it looks like it’s made from paper (or the point is they are made to be the illusion of paper so it can be easily torn away from bode XD) and keep it extremely simple, one belt is there to function as holding the sheath together for reals (and the easily taken off bode motif again), shades of one color, that is it.  LOOK, yuma! ! ! !  Loverboy is so gorgeous, back to his YangKang days gorgeous and dashing but playing an honorable swoonworthy young emperor this time, channeling Ning ChoiSan (Leslie’s role in A Chinese Ghost Story).

His weibo on himself being THE derp leaving the head of a Qtip inside his ear and thus the above pic made the tweet of the day. <_<

Same person as the above:

Duke of Mount Deer/The Duke and the Cauldron:


Han Dong will be the next Wei XiaoBao.  I love Han Dong, he’s very pretty and has the chops but he’s not my top choice, if we are making Cdramaland looks like it consists of a scarce handful of actors popping up in one LC after the other (Han Dong is also playing the little Shaolin monk hero XuZhu in DemiGods SemiDevils, and even though he is wrong choice for the role, he is already the best casting out of EVERY character there, *my head hurts so bad*) I would like a ChenXiao please.  I’m so happy for him to enjoy a marvelous upswing thanks to BBJX and his own awesome, but I do not like the faces he made in these stills at all.  You have to sell us this unsavory douche is boyishly charming but ordinary (ugly in LC’s word, but lets fluff it up for our screen’s sake), cunning BEHIND his harmless looks, is witty but never showing it, deserves all the wifeys and the ironclad friendship with a genius KangXi and out maneuver the entire imperial court, scary wuxia clans and more big bad wolves!  This is a Kashagan oil field’s worth of slick and grease when a WXB should do sleazy things out of reasons.  As an anti-hero, underneath all the slime, there is this forever childish heart meaning no wrong intentionally, and the motto of survival of the fittest/slickiest branded by years of neglect and inferiority, fending for his own.  Model after Tony Leung, NOT, NEVER a HXM, my Han Dong!  My worst fear for this production is PD Lai, I did not like anything he touches.  Can he stop touching anything that is written, set in ink, let alone one LC after ANOTHER LC and this time LC’s BESTEST?!??!!!!!!!!!  He never had a good read in anything, and everything will be hammering on the superficial missing the human elements, the push and pulls driving these wuxia characters, thus me caring.  ARGH.  While I’m glad Han Dong is getting real work, but to me, it’s a complete waste of time working on such unworthy production after production hemmed by someone who does not know shit.  A worthy DoMD adaptation also begs the crucial amazing bromantic chemistry between the unlikely duo of the young dashing brilliant Xiao YuanZi (our future great Emperor KangXi) and the urchin scoundrel fake eunuch WXB. Xiao YuanZi is WXB/ Xiao GuoZi’s O!T!P!  KangXi is the only person he can care more than himself on a rare occasion other than his Mother.

It is rumored Yang Yang is our KangXi and while I like the look of this delicate sweet young thing, he does not have the heft to carry this role, looking like a wet behind ears baby still needing his wet nurse next to HanDong.  The dynamic is totally wrong.  Oh and all the ladies are mehblehfehhhhh to me, either not pretty enough or tragically plastic but more damningly all of them can’t act.  Why is Zhang XinYu in both RoCH and WXB (and everywhere for that matter)?!  In the plastics who can’t act planet, she’s middling at best, yes prettier than most plastics, but other than her colorful RL love life, I do not see why there should be this solid a seat for her in the industry.   Then we have Zhang Meng, another one of them younglings instead of honing their skills they choose works of knives on face for the heavy lifting.  She has the on screen presence of a tray holding tea set on any table of any period because she can not act, but keep playing phenomenal beauty after beauty.  The ladies matter less, but still, PD Lai, you, have officially lost your head and taste long ago, but this is the nail in coffin.   My favorite collection of WXB wifeys is Dicky’s.  He has enough chemistry with Patrick Tam’s KangXi, so even though it’s not authentic for any purist, and I’m a purist when it comes to a masterful LC,  it was still a riot to watch on its own merits.

Because yuma did the unimaginable to fug the hell out of ChenXiao’s YangGuo (I will NEVER EVER forgive the toad) I might need to watch Yun Zhong Ge for some Chen Xiao’s gorgeousness.  I love Yang Rong too.  It would be interesting for her to play a badass. Yes, the stills are PS’d to the point they all look like Han dynasty Barbies and Kens, but I suspect it would be useful to keep it handy and watching alternate CX cuts of YunZhongGe and RoCH for my eyes and sanity’s sake :

Lu Yi is a so gorgeous I’m envious uncle, but I can’t stand Angelababy’s face trying to emote in HD, so lets hope most of her scenes would be with Du Chun (not a pretty uncle to me) and I can skip them both, killing both eyesores with one FF button.  I have a bigger tolerance for plastic in moderns, but period drama, no matter how ‘fantasy’ silly, I can’t even tolerate circle lens, let alone a whole smorgasbord of 20th century synthetic moving/non-moving parts on faces.

And this:

I did not know we should take your ‘pigs can fly’ so literally, Miss MC.

I’m too much of a wimp to even attach the cap, nor watch the new scary trailer of Young Detective Dee.  This looks mediocre at best, I’m afraid, but nothing is pulling me off a period with Bosco Wong, Ma TianYu and Loverboy, and the first taste of what the coupling of YH with Ruby would look like even if I have to watch it behind my 10 fingers with my eyes closed.

I must’ve posted numerous trailers of Hua XuYin so what is one more?

This is just tragic.  While I love the novel less than its fan, it’s a thrilling read, the story alone should make one sweeping kickass Cperiod if they just stick closely to the book.  It is not deniable the casting is controversial and while I like most of them on the basis of at least they are decent to terrific actors, and not plastic (*sigh* how low do I have to stoop?!) this is fantasy period, it takes a lot of glossy sparkling dazzling pretty, NOT the garish fugly craft project of the LLW variety.   Please hair peeps, curls, curls as sideburns on guys, let alone uncles trying to pretend he’s half his age, is never pretty.  NEVER attractive, NEVER. So I’m extremely disppointed with how they are styling the Thirteen Moon snippets especially.  It is annoyingly perplexing why we never get a decent second on the face of our Jun Fu/Ye Zhen?!?!?!! 林园 the young actress does not have anything wrong with her face, she has been in many minor roles in hits like 我的青春谁做主 , 悬崖, and I’m currently seeing her in 断奶 with Tong LiYa, if she has to be kept a faceless secret for whatever reason, why bother leaking her name?!   I wonder if the irk we’ve all been suppressing, Kevin being too old for his role especially against his OTP is worst than we thought.  I thought they will rewrite it somehow and work it out, but I am not so sure now.  IF Kevin is stuck playing the young handsome prince in his early 20s at most, this is one trainwreck in making.  But the ShenAn-SongNing bits are decent and hinting on gut-wrenching.  Not liking the dubbing voice of both of them, but JiangXin and Loverboy are bringing it.



18 thoughts on “Upcoming C periods 2013/14

  1. Hey, hey, at last I posted this novel in the book bar & included links to your blog to generate more interest in your LB’s first leading role:P I did try to listen to 2 chapters of the novel but gave up bcos my Chinese is too poor and I’ve no patient:( Anyway I know the full story already. Sound like a starchy sweet love story as they only have eyes for each other from the beginning till the end, eventhough there are some men & women in between. So far, the pictures look okay, nothing hideous like from you know who. Waiting for some silly cling wrap pics from your LB, lol.

    Oh, I am also allergic to Mickey. I can never watch his drama:( Also, I’ve never finished YMM’s drama. No more JY’s novel adapted drama for me, I’ve enough to last me a lifetime. Gee, I didn’t notice I’ve such strong principles when it comes to drama, lol.

    1. Thank thee kindly Sweetie for hyping up interest for this drama. I am putting my expectation in check because this has Ruby’s stamp all over it, so it would be too much saccharine sweetness with no substance whatsoever.

      I am already hating myself because come airing of these latest LC travesty I will peek a CX cut, a HanDong cut. LESIGH, the Cnetizens are jabbing are these producers thinking LC has lived a life long and fruitful enough so they are speeding up his death by spitting blood in rage!??

      1. Cnetizens are jabbing are these producers thinking LC has lived a life long and fruitful enough so they are speeding up his death by spitting blood in rage!??

        You know what? I told my parents about these new LC adaptations and how Yumama butchered them and the FIRST thing my dad said to me was: “希望金庸沒看,否則他老人家一定氣到噴血而死…” (ala Zhou Yu)

        1. I dunno, we think LC would go berserk but he apparently approved of Joe Chen’s attachment with Swordsman, with a pic to prove…I have stopped to figure out what is going on, because LC’s own new edition of his masterpieces have been…bizarre.

          1. I have no idea how many revisions LC made to his novels, since the ones I have at home are decades old so they must be the old editions. Did he make drastic changes in the new versions?

            1. It was outrageous. I dropped the revised LoCH a few chapters in, I can not deal with LC writing a love line btn Mei ChaoFeng and Huang YaoShi. Eastern Heretic is a scariest most brilliant weirdo mourning his wife, he might not care about the taboo of bedding his apprentice, but someone with nothing much to write about as Mei ChaoFeng??!?!!!?!??

              I’m reading RoCH atm, the newly revised version. I have not really read the old revision anyway, but I’ve heard LC did mess with it himself as well.

              1. WTF Huang Yaoshi/Mei Chaofeng are you serious??! O_O
                OMGWTF WHY??? To me, Huang Yaoshi’s unwavering love for his wife is a defining character trait, and to have him and Mei Chaofeng as lovers is just URGH. I have nothing against master/student romances (especially if they’re written well like Yang Guo/XLN which I fully support), but a love line between Huang Yaoshi/Mei Chaofeng is just WRONG urgh…

                I have no idea what the new version of ROCH is like because I think the one I have at home is an old version. I haven’t read it because unfortunately my Chinese isn’t good enough to be able to read LC (even though I really want to) but my parents did and they told me the story. So if you see anything different in the new ROCH, please lemme know so we can talk about it more 😀

                1. Imagine how traumatized I am! I was back in HK then and got myself the Condor trilogy and SPW in the new edition, it’s in the thinner lighter paperback so I figure it’s win/win to have a set I can carry around easily (that is before the age of ebook).

                  I’ve heard LC added a lot of smooches and skinship/hugs between YG and XLN in RoCH. LC mentioned the purpose of the revision is to ‘modernize’ the novels for the younglings of this generation. Ohwells.

                  1. OMG I’d be traumatized too if I went and especially got the new paperbacks and then sat down only to find all these weird new changes! The ones I have at home are the thick paperback versions where everything is black and white and the whole story is just in several thick books instead of the new thinner volumes. The old books had some line drawings every now and then IIRC.

                    LC added a lot of smooches and skinship/hugs between YG and XLN in RoCH. LC mentioned the purpose of the revision is to ‘modernize’ the novels for the younglings of this generation.




                    I’m no prude and couldn’t care less about skinship, but just at the thought that classics need to be “modernized” with more sex to appeal to the younger generation…

                    It’s like if someone came along and “updated” Jane Austen novels just for mass appeal…


  2. Thanks for the updates, my friend! 😀

    LOL don’t you know it’s an unwritten rule of Ruby Lin dramas: No Uglies
    Seriously, look at all her previous productions – everyone from the main leads to even the supporting cast (and even the bitchy characters) are good looking. I think Ruby especially likes hot guys cuz usually her productions are full of them (LOL), which I TOTALLY AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY APPROVE OMG YES MY EYES THANK HER 😀

    I haven’t read the novel that Ruby and YH’s drama is based on, apart from the fact it looks like Han Dynasty from the costumes and the fact that YH’s character is supposed to be a Han Emperor. Are Ruby and YH supposed to play lovers in this series?

    I’m totally eager to see Ruby’s Di Renjie drama since it looks pretty interesting and it’s got Bosco, Ma Tianyu, and YH in it (hehehehe).

    BLEH @ the new Duke of Mt Deer. I think Han Dong is a good actor and he’s a good looking guy, but Wei Xiaobao he IS NOT. He doesn’t have the look for Wei Xiaobao and the stills don’t show him acting very much like the character either – the faces he’s pulling are too unnatural (unlike Tony Leung who was AWESOME as Wei Xiaobao and Stephen Chow’s version was just so hilarious it made me laugh my ass off). Also, the dude they got for Kangxi … uh, he doesn’t even have the 气质 (I don’t really know how to describe 气质 in English) of Kangxi. I’ve seen different versions of Duke of Mt Deer, and so far the only one that I think is closest to LC’s novel version in terms of casting is Tony Leung as Wei Xiaobao and Andy Lau as Kangxi. I absolutely love Stephen Chow’s version but it’s more like a parody/comedy and not a more serious take of the story (unlike the epic 1983 TVB version). Actually back in the 80s, TVB had quite a few LC adaptations and they did them very well, like 射雕,神雕,鹿鼎记, to name a few.

    I have no idea about the Yun Zhong Ge story but the stills look good and CX looks good in them. I can’t believe how fug they made him look as Yang Guo OMG. Is it so that he could match with MC’s XLN better? Cuz they don’t want Yang Guo to look 1000000000000x better than XLN? (LOL @ “pigs can fly”)

    No idea about Fan Bingbing’s drama story either, but the lady has always been beautiful and she’s still got it. I like her as an actress so that helps too 😀

    Hua Xu Yin has a cast that I really like but I’m feeling iffy about the drama cuz apparently they changed a lot of stuff (I haven’t read the novel so I wouldn’t know), plus I’m still a bit meh @ Kevin playing a character half his age. I like Kevin but a strapping 20 something he is not. Yuan Hong’s looking great as the general though, and the girl playing the female general also looks good.

    1. I really did not give such a good, close look at her productions before, but I would not call say Jiro flawlessly gorgeous. I can’t deal with that amount of plastic. I also thought WallaceH on screen is a snoozefest most of the time so even though he’s good looking, he’s not attractive to me. This bunch though, they are ALL attractive to my aesthetics! I’m just feeling terribly lucky no one is freakishly plastic, not a single one down to the ladies (haha whom I obviously do not care in this case). Oh, YH and Ruby should be one super swoonworthy OTP IF they have the chemistry and things are done right in the writing dept. Fingers crossed. YH is the Han emperor and Ruby would be his empress (after lots of hurdles). In history books, they lived happily together, till death did they part.

      If you tell me these stills are HanDong as Prince9 from BBJX, I would believe it more. THAT is how wrong they are. WXB should have an irresistible boyish charm, somehow through all the slimy, sleazy, cunning, witty deeds, there is something childlike intact and his mind is always on full gear juggling between right and wrong, going in million directions. He has a moral compass, it just did not have a major role in decision making when his head is on the line.

      Everything not YH and female general JiangXin looks so depressingly tacky and wrong in HuaXuYin. EVerything. :/

      1. LOL TBH I was fully going for Lin Gengxin’s Shaotian rather than Jiro’s character in Drama Go Go Go. I get what you mean about Jiro cuz I find his physique more attractive than his face (I thought he looked better before without all the plastic but to each his own I guess). Actually I think it’s a shame that he and Aaron got so much PS cuz it’s not like they needed it and they actually looked better before.

        I like Wallace Huo and I think he’s quite handsome, but he’s not as charismatic as say, Yan Kuan, Hu Ge, or Yuan Hong, who steal my attention whenever they come onscreen. Like in Qingshi Huangfei, Wallace looked great in his Crown Prince/King outfits but I was paying more attention to Yan Kuan because his character was really interesting and YK acted him really well.

        Isn’t Ruby a bit too old to play YH’s lover (unless they’re playing a 姐弟恋 or something)? I mean, Ruby is very beautiful and looks really young for her age, but she looks like an older sister next to YH and doesn’t have the aura of a young girl… I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this series – it sounds interesting with a good historical background and the cast looks promising 😀

        I totally agree with you about the wrongness of the WXB stills. Han Dong looks like he’s channeling more of 9ye from BBJX than the 滑頭 that is supposed to be WXB. TBH I’ve stopped watching LC adaptations a long time ago because I feel like they get worse with each time. I only watched 射雕’08 because of the cast, but even that one felt more like a “杨康传“ with all the big story changes. I don’t think I’ll be watching this (yet another) WXB or the BLEH YUCK that is ROCH2013.

        I’m so torn with Hua Xu Yin because I’ve heard lots of good things about the novel and I really like the leads, but so far the trailers/stills/news about the script haven’t impressed me all that much. Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin look GREAT though, so I’ll be watching their parts. I like Kevin but I think he’s a bit too old for the role (Kevin’s a handsome man but he doesn’t look like a 20-something young man that his character is supposed to be), plus I’m still lost as to why they gave him a blue floppy hair bit.

  3. Yuanni cheri and Jiang Xin in the same drama : my dream came true 😀

    Mookiehyun what do you of the actress Pat Ha Man Jing ? when I see her feature I wouldn’t call her beautiful but I can’t put my finger on I find attractive

    PS : I am not gay :p

    1. I think she’s very cool and attractive and has screen presence…they all do. I’ve only seen her in Nomad with Leslie though many years later after she’s retired from industry.

  4. what is it with the perm hair in HXY trailer, i was so distracted by it and its not in the good way kkk ohh i can seeing myself crying over ShenAn-SongNing out loud, watching them hurts each other T.T its going to be a sweet tortures….
    and Han Dong face smile like he was forced to look mischievous in those WXB stills…

    1. Exactly my thoughts! I really can not deal with the perm. On top of how they are styled in the tackiest outfits I’ve seen not seen the 90s.

      PD Lai has the lousiest read on JY, even worse than ZJZ, so from what the stills are suggesting it would be shrilly comedy out of poor taste. I do not understand why the production is butchering perfectly fine reads into RPG fantasy cartoonish adapts. I don’t know tweens are in control of the remotes, plus by so narrow-sighted dumbing everything down they are alienating the purist fans of the original and all the generations prior obviously knowing the material better than these peeps attached.

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