Oh before I forgot as the day is winding down… BIG Thanks to sweet Belle for a blogger hug this year (what this exactly is about, no?).

I will leave out rules and go straight to the thoughtful questions (haha but way mundane whatever goes replies my side.  It’s late yet I want to see how my mind still comes up with thoughts? or semblance of them.)

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Happy Year of the Horse

Year of the horse brings in its unique blessings of the catchphrase 馬上.有 (having it immediately, easy to see horse was the fastest mode of transportation in the old days).   The traditional red paper cutting for window dressing has always placed auspicious characters: 福/财  on horses, now we have weiboers placing the object of desire or its wordplay on the horseback in hope of having it immediately.   haha I giggled at a pair of elephants on a horsey hoping for 對象/significant other.  It just so happens my Loverboy’s surname 袁 sounds the same as fate/destiny 緣 as in 馬上有袁/馬上有緣. Putting him on a horsey is well wishing y’all to meet the one in your destiny immediately, may it be romance, friendship or…hotties for fangirling~! XDDD

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Sweet Tidings from the Bu Bu Gang


We will be happy together, thank you!



IS this the first official outing of the LongShi RL couple?!  That can only be a smile from a girl so so sooo in love.  <3333333333333

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ByeByeBye Now

Another year end.  So how was 2013?!

RL has been a bit funky, nothing seriously terrible, but I am more than ready for a change and a hopeful new year of better things, like sticking with my escapades in dramas.

Have an MV to start a Friday and all that partying shall we?!

I am missing summer terribly.    6osF, sunset SoCal is what heaven is for me about now.

What other things, dramas particularly, brought me a little brief slice of heaven or a taste of delish hell?  I had a terribly few handful, but some are the best TV I’ve seen for a while.

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Friday Pretty Post

Remember the Young and Dangerous franchise?! I’m not talking about…

…’18 year olds’ zipping across ends of greater LA in a red M not getting a ticket, nor staying the night at the hugeass house 5 minutes from Highway 1 by sportscar, an hour by foot or 10 seconds jumping off the stairs, the glass, rolling into the Pacific (escape plans, we need some) of a single rich boy you think is a Mr White who is into STARING and permanent fuchsia lipstains  (or is color tattoo’d on?!?!?   is he the MalibuKenHeisenberg of fuchsia meth? ) whom you’ve met for 5 minutes in total over several fateful bumping and have an itch to peek his morning shower hair makeup routine to get to know his deep thoughts…

…but the HK 90s franchise that made stars out of the collective bunch of now 40+ uncles:

I am not a fan of any one of them, but collectively?!  Damn was it a nostalgic fun ride.

And yes, I have a few words on a certain K drama.

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